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Trial Number 4

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate selected products on fourth supplied ink using manual wiping.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

The top ten successful products from the previous trial were used at full strength and room temperature. Twenty preweighed coupons were coated with the supplied Sharpie permanent marker (blue). Once dry, a second weight was recorded to determine the amount of ink added to the coupon. As in the last trial, two coupons were used per cleaning alternative. A handheld swab was immersed into the cleaning product and then manual wiped across the coupon for up to one minute. Following the cleaning, the coupons was wiped dry for 5 seconds. Observations were made, final coupon weights recorded, and the average efficiencies were calculated.

Trial Results:

Due to the limited weight added by the blue sharpie, gravimetric analysis yielded inconclusive results and therefore, analysis was performed based on visual rankings and length of time needed to clean the coupons. Products were considered successful in they removed the ink in under one minute of cleaning. Six of the ten products required under one minute. The table lists the time needed to clean the ink from the coupons and the rankings for each coupon. 

Cleaner Time (sec) Visual Rank
Soy Clear 1500 >60 10
Ink Zapper 10 4
Methyl Ester 1618 >60 9
Citrus Soy Solvent Cleaner & Degreaser >60 8
Graffiti Remover SAC 12 6
BioRenewables Industrial Degreaser >60 7
EP 921 10 3
BG Solv 717 Ink & Graffiti Cleaner 7 1
Graffiti remover 7 2
Smart Solve 605 25 5

Success Rating:

Results successful using TACT (time, agitation, concentration, and temperature, as well as rinsing and drying) and/or other cleaning chemistries examined.


The same set of products will be evaluated on the fifth supplied ink despite the limited success on the Sharpie marker.

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