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Trial Number 8

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate previously tested product at lower concentrations for cleaning the six inks.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Coupons were coated with each of the six supplied inks. These included Dykem Stop Off, Markal Valve Action Paint marker, Nu-Mark marker, Sharpie permanent marker, Sakura Coatings Product Company Solid Marker and the Avery Marks-A-Lot permanent marker (black). Once dry, coupons were cleaned using a handheld swab that was immersed into the cleaning product. Cleaning lasted for up to 2 minutes. Following the cleaning, the coupons was wiped once to dry surface. Observations were made and recorded.

Three dilutions were evaluated: 40%, 20% and 10%. If the dilution required under one minute to be effective, then a lower concentration also was evaluated. If the dilution took longer than a minute and a half, a higher concentration was evaluated.

Trial Results:

The two most challenging inks for the diluted product were blue sharpie and the black Avery Marks-a-lot marker. The easiest to remove was the Nu Marker, which was cleaned at 10% in less than 20 seconds.

Contaminant Dilution Observations
Dykem 40% 40 seconds to clean
  20% 90 seconds
Markal 20% 20 seconds
  10% 40 seconds
Nu Mark 20% 15 seconds
  10% 15 seconds
Sharpie 20% 120 seconds - 90% removed
  40% 60 seconds - 95% removed
Solid Yellow 20% 90 seconds
  40% 90 seconds
Marks-a-lot 20% 120 seconds -95% removed
  40% 60 seconds - 95% removed

Success Rating:

Results suggest a scale-up feasible match for cleaning chemistry and equipment. Pilot plant study with actual parts recommended.


The Vertec Bio Gold 3 was found to be effective on the six contaminants when diluted with water. The 20% dilution may be the best choice for a universal concentration for all six inks.

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