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Trial Number 9

Trial Purpose:

To replace HAP solvent and reduce VOC levels in cleaning operation.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Initial site visit was conducted to gather supplies to bring back to the lab for testing. In addition, the cleaning process was witnessed, and other cleaning concerns were discussed. Manual wiping was conducted on various aluminum and steel parts throughout the facility. Various ink and paint markers were used to markup surface during manufacturing process. After parts were machined, the ink/marker needs to be removed.

Trial Results:

The work plan was discussed with the EH&S department and the floor workers to ensure the testing back at the lab would mirror the current process. Emphasis by the company was to find a low VOC and a nonhazardous air pollutant product that would work on all or nearly all of the writing sources.

Success Rating:

Technology Transfer.


A set of six ink and paint markers were collected for testing in the lab. The work plan was assembled for product selection and the cleaning process. Follow up visit will be arranged after testing is completed by the lab.

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