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Trial Number 8

Trial Purpose:

The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effectiveness of a new set of cleaners in removing the buffing compound via unheated immersion.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Four cleaning solutions were obtained and prepared to the following concentrations; Metalnox 6396 100%, Emerald ICP 1 5%, SC Aircraft & Metal Cleaner 20%, Mirachem 500 20%, Crystal Simple Green 30 parts water. Three aluminum coupons were obtained for each cleaner being tested. After an initial weight, coupons were soiled with the white buffing compound by rubbing the soil onto the bottom third of the substrate. The white buffing compound was chosen as it was proven to be the hardest of the three to remove. A soiled weight was obtained and coupons were submerged into their respective cleaners for 15 minutes at room temperature. After 15 minutes, coupons were dried in air for 24 hours and a clean weight was obtained. Effectiveness of the cleaners was determined.

Trial Results:

Cleaner Initial wt of Cont Final wt of Cont %Cont Removed %AVG
Metalnox 6386 0.0033 0.0031 6.06 9.04%
0.003 0.0023 23.33
0.0044 0.0045 -2.27
Emerald ICP 1 0.0008 0.0019 -137.5 -50.92%
0.0049 0.005 -2.04
0.0053 0.006 -13.21
SC Aircraft & Metal Cleaner 0.0061 0.0075 -22.95 -36.74%
0.0034 0.0041 -20.59
0.0015 0.0025 -66.67
Mirachem 500 0.0016 0.0018 -12.5 -83.31%
0.0005 0.0018 -260
0.0031 0.0024 22.58
Crystal Simple Green 0.0018 0.0012 33.33 32.32%
0.0019 0.0016 15.79
0.0023 0.0012 47.83

Success Rating:

Results successful using TACT (time, agitation, concentration, and temperature, as well as rinsing and drying) and/or other cleaning chemistries examined.


Crystal Simple Green was the most effective of the list removing an average of 32.32% of the white buffing compound from aluminum substrates. In an effort to clean the substrates for further testing, coupons were run through unheated with agitation, heated, and heated with agitation trials, yet soil visibly remained after all trials. Crystal Simple Green was eliminated in this process, as testing needed to go beyond its temperature range. The company was contacted to verify if the substrates had been cleaned and this visual change was just to be expected from the buffing compound. The company stated that the buffing compound had not been removed, but requested that testing proceed to aluminum mirror polish parts they had sent to TURI. Therefore, per the company's request, next steps will be heated immersion on aluminum mirror polish parts. 

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