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Trial Number 0

Trial Purpose:

Perform an evaluation of the supplied products following basic laboratory testing methodology to screen for effective cleaning formulations.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

The maintenance soil, consisting of 10 grams of carbon black, 10 grams iron oxide, 100 ml WD-40, 100 ml hydraulic oil, and 100 ml gear oil was placed in a 750 beaker and mixed for 20 minutes at room temperature using a magnetic stirrer. The resulting soil was applied to preweighed stainless steel coupons using a hand held swab. The soil was allowed to air dry for 24 hours. Coupons were weighed to determine the amount of soil applied.

Three coupons were immersed in glass beakers containing 400 ml of the supplied solutions at full strength. Cleaning lasted for 5 minutes using stir-bar agitation for 15 seconds at room temperature and air dried for one hour. Once dry, final weights were recorded and efficiencies calculated for each coupon cleaned. Observations during and after cleaning were made for each of the five solutions.

Trial Results:

Three of the five formulations removed over 85% of the oil mixture from the stainless steel coupons using immersion cleaning. After immersion cleaning, some of the oil was loosely attached to the coupon surface and was removed using the tap water spray rinse. In addition to the residue observation, a couple of the solutions were noted to have good separation of the oil from the cleaning solution after the stir bar agitation was removed. This would allow for easy bath life up keep, prolonging how long the cleaner could be effectively used for a cleaning system.

Cleaner  Initial wt Final wt % Removed Observations
LiQuiFix Inc LF001-001       Some residue, no separation of oil
  0.0383 0.0096 74.93  
  0.0455 0.0155 65.93  
  0.0383 0.0076 80.16  
LiQuiFix Inc LF001-002       Little residue, separation of oil
  0.0398 0.003 92.46  
  0.0241 0.0015 93.78  
  0.0396 0.0024 93.94  
LiQuiFix Inc LF001-003       Some residual film, separation of oil
  0.0233 0.0052 77.68  
  0.0304 0.0008 97.37  
  0.0392 0.0059 84.95  
LiQuiFix Inc LF001-004       Residual film, no separation of oil
  0.0369 0.0115 68.83  
  0.0354 0.0028 92.09  
  0.0188 0.0023 87.77  
LiQuiFix Inc LF001-005       Some residual film, no separation of oil
  0.0296 -0.0001 100.34  
  0.0668 0.0094 85.93  
  0.0799 0.0037 95.37  

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


The second product formulation good cleaning abilities and was able to separate the oil from the cleaning solution. The fifth formulation had good removal (>90%) but no separation.

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