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Trial Number 1

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate the cleaning ability of supplied products for toilet cleaning

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Pre-weighed ceramic, porcelain coupons were coated with Hucker's Soil Formulation (Jiffy creamy peanut butter, salted butter, Arrowhead Mills stone ground wheat flour, egg yolk, evaporated milk, distilled water, printer's ink with boiled linseed oil, Shaws saline solution) using a hand held swab and allowed to dry for 24 hours at room temperature. The contaminated coupons were weighed again to determine the amount of soil added.

Three coupons were placed into a Gardner Straight Line Washability unit. A Kimberly-Clark Wypal reinforced paper towel was attached to the cleaning sled and soaked with 5-7 sprays of cleaning solutions. Each coupon was sprayed 7-10 times with the same cleaning solution. The cleaning unit was run for 20 cycles (~33 seconds). At the end of the cleaning, coupons were wiped once with a dry paper towel. Final weights were recorded, efficiencies were calculated and recorded.

Trial Results:

The supplied Purac cleaner removed 85% of the Hucker’s soil on ceramic coupon but only 81% from the porcelain. The table lists the amount of soil added, the amount remaining after cleaning and the calculated efficiency for each of the ceramic and porcelain coupons cleaned.

Cleaner  Initial wt Final wt % Removed AVG
Purac Toilet Cleaner        
  0.2699 0.0198 92.66 85.50
  0.0715 0.0094 86.85  
  0.1534 0.0353 76.99  
  0.0922 0.0060 93.49 81.59
  0.0606 0.0117 80.68  
  0.0435 0.0128 70.57  
Comet Bathroom Cleaner        
  0.1510 0.0244 83.84 87.19
  0.1497 0.0119 92.05  
  0.1249 0.0179 85.67  
  0.0634 0.0104 83.60 84.48
  0.0915 0.0069 92.46  
  0.0274 0.0062 77.37  

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


The supplied Purac product did not average more than 85% removal of the Hucker’s soil from both surfaces. However, based on gravimetric analysis, the Purac Toilet Cleaner was as effective as the conventional cleaner, Comet Bathroom cleaner.

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