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Trial Number 0

Trial Purpose:

To find a substitution for M.E.K. as a cleaning agent to remove adhesive

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Four products were selected from the lab's on-line database,, based on past testing results matching client supplied information. Two products were used at full strength as recommended by the vendor and two products were diluted to 5% in 600 ml beakers. Four sets of twelve pre-weight ceramic and stainless steel coupons were coated with the supplied adhesive soil using a hand held swab. The coating was allowed to dry for one day at room temperature. Once dry, the coupons were weighed a second time to determine the amount of soil applied.
Three coupons were immersed into each solution and cleaned for 15 minutes using stir-bar agitation. All four products were used at room temperature.
After cleaning process, each coupon was wiped with paper towel manually. Final weights were recorded and efficiencies were calculated for each coupon cleaned.

Trial Results:

In this study, visual analysis was conducted for the ceramic coupons instead of gravimetric analysis because these coupons may absorb the cleaner excessively. This makes gravimetric results inconclusive. However, for stainless steel coupons, gravimetric analysis was conducted.

Visual Table  
Cleaner Observation
Bio T Max 5~10% removed
Biosolv 80~85% removed
ND LF Supreme 70~75% removed
Amberclean SC11 5~10% removed
Gravimetric Table      
Cleaner Initial wt Final wt % Removed
Bio T Max      
  0.3018 0.2367 21.57
  0.1972 0.1804 8.52
  0.4045 0.3226 20.25
Bio- Solv      
  0.2169 0.0039 98.2
  0.253 0.0137 94.58
  0.2501 0.0174 93.04
ND Supreme      
  0.3551 0.2969 16.39
  0.2874 0.2411 16.11
  0.1979 0.1734 12.38
Amberclean sc11      
  0.363 0.2716 25.18
  0.2446 0.2055 15.99
  0.2046 0.1715 16.18

Success Rating:

Results successful using TACT (time, agitation, concentration, and temperature, as well as rinsing and drying) and/or other cleaning chemistries examined.


Bio Solv were effective to remove the adhesive soil on ceramic and stainless steel coupon with immersion cleaning. It may be possible substitute for M.E.K in current cleaning process.

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