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Trial Number 0

Trial Purpose:

Degreasing evaluation following ASTM G122 or DCC 17 methods

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Production soil as described in Green Seal GS 34 was made by mixing 200 ml Quench Oil and 200 ml cutting oil for 20 minutes at room temperature using a magnetic stirrer in a second 750 ml beaker. Approximately 100 mg of each soil was applied to a precleaned and preweighed (initial mass = A) stainless steel coupon onto one side only with a handheld swab. The production soil on the coupons was baked in an oven for thirty minutes at 105° C (220 F). The coupons were then allowed to cool to room temperature and weigh a second time (soiled mass = B).

Three soiled coupons were placed in the tray of the Gardner Straight Line washability unit. Cleaning products were sprayed onto the coated surfaces using 1-3 sprays from manual spray pump and 1-3 sprays onto the reinforced Wypal X60 paper towel attached to the cleaning instrument. The cleaning was performed using Gardner Straight-line washability unit and conducted for the prescribed 5 cycles (10 strokes). The coupons were then weighed to determine amount of soil removed/remaining. A dry Wypal towel was used to remove excess cleaning product from surface if needed). A final dry/clean weight (clean weight = C) was recorded, and soil removal rates were calculated.

Trial Results:

Only one product, Misty Painless Stainless, was very effective when no dry towel wipe was employed, removing more than 90% of the soil. The other three removed less than 85% of the soil. However, when using a single dry wipe of the surface, all four removed more than 95% of the soil. Observations made after the initial cleaning revealed that nearly all of the soil was removed and that each cleaning solution left behind residue. This residue resulted in the low efficiencies. The dry wipe was used to only remove the cleaning product residue.

Cleaner Initial wt Final wt % Removed
EZ Finishes Wow 0.0851 0.0267 68.63
  0.0876 0.0220 74.89
  0.0891 0.0132 85.19
Bryson Industries Citrushine 0.0906 0.0235 74.06
  0.0926 0.0150 83.80
  0.0883 0.0094 89.35
3M Stainless Steel Polish & Cleaner 0.0918 0.0205 77.67
  0.0908 0.0146 83.92
  0.0910 0.0125 86.26
Misty Painless Stainless 0.0915 0.0066 92.79
  0.0915 0.0080 91.26
  0.0917 0.0066 92.80
With Wipe
EZ Finishes Wow 0.0851 0.0038 95.53
  0.0876 0.0042 95.21
  0.0891 0.0022 97.53
Bryson Industries Citrushine 0.0906 0.0021 97.68
  0.0926 0.0024 97.41
  0.0883 0.0019 97.85
3M Stainless Steel Polish & Cleaner 0.0918 0.0014 98.47
  0.0908 0.0027 97.03
  0.0910 0.0023 97.47
Misty Painless Stainless 0.0915 0.0015 98.36
  0.0915 0.0021 97.70
  0.0917 0.0017 98.15

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


The supplied product was effective at removing the oil mixture from stainless steel using manual wiping and drying.

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