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Trial Number 0

Trial Purpose:

This method is intended to evaluate the longevity of the foam from a single dose of dishwashing product when used according to a "neat" dishwashing procedure

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Three dishing washing products were selected (Product 1, product 2, product 3). Testing followed CSPA DCC 18, “neat” hand dish washing test method. The method was selected as the supplied dishwashing products were designed to be dosed directly onto the sponge to wash.

Based on the standard, food soil was prepared at room temperature and was used immediately after making. Food soil was a mixture of soybean oil, lard, whole egg powder, potato flour, and deionized water. Cleaning performance was conducted using a modified version of the DCC 18 procedure. Three gram (in place of 2 grams) of cleaner (two pumps from supplied bottle) was dosed onto sponge. Each dish was cleaned for 10 second. Foaming level was evaluated by observational analysis based on using sponge method. Tester counted the number of plates until sponge was not able to show any bubbles or forming when tester pressed gently in the center of the sponge with the thumb after washing.

As a result, average number of plate was used to show the cleaning efficacy (longer foaming stability) from each cleaner. Each cleaner was tested three times to measure the efficacy (foaming level)

Trial Results:

Two products were tested. The average number of plates cleaned by the comparative product, Clorox Oxy Magic was 6.7 The average of number of plates by Brand Buzz Oxy Fresh was 8.0. Individual cleaning runs are listed in the table.

Cleaner Initial Temp ( C ) Final Temp ( C ) Plates Avg. Plates
Clorox 55 48 5 6.7
  54 49 8  
  52 45 7  
Brand Buzz 54 48 8 8
  54 48 9  
  53 48 7  

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


This test indicated that the supplied product, Brand Buzz Oxy Fresh had better cleaning efficacy than the supplied Clorox Antimicrobial Oxy Magic under similar RTU dishwashing condition.

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