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Trial Number 0

Trial Purpose:

To measuring the soil removal performance of oven cleaning products used in the home.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

CSPA DCC-12 Screening the Efficacy of Oven Cleaners. Soil B from the standard was made using 85.4 wt.% butter, 6.5 wt.% sugar, 4.3 wt.% deionized water and 3.4 wt.% flour. The sugar was dissolved in water between 75 and 95 F. Then at room temperature or above, the softened butter was added to the solution and mixed thoroughly. Flour was added to the mixture and stirred until a uniform mixture was obtained. A uniform weight was applied to each of the twelve preweighed porcelain coupons. The coupons were then covered with aluminum foil to prevent air currents from disturbing the soil film during baking. The soil was aged in a preheated 475 F for 120 minutes. Once coupons were cooled to room temperature, dirty weights were recorded.

Cleaning was performed following the instructions on the supplied commercially available product. Product was sprayed onto the surface and allowed to soak for two hours and then wiped clean with a cloth. Final weights were recorded and effectiveness was calculated.

ChemistriesEvaluated: EasyOff Fume Free; PLZ Oven Fume-Free;

Trial Results:

The supplied product did remove more than the commercially available product. The soil amounts added, remaining soil and percent removed for each coupon cleaned are listed in the table below.

Table of Product Performance

Cleaner Initial wt Final wt % Removed %Average Removal
Easy Off Fume-Free 0.1136 0.093 18.13  
  0.1471 0.0776 47.25  
  0.2482 0.065 73.81  
  0.2128 0.0718 66.26  
  0.1664 0.137 17.67  
  0.1587 0.1123 29.24  
  0.1168 0.0579 50.43  
  0.1214 0.1211 0.25  
  0.0843 0.0841 0.24 33.7
PLZ Fume-Free New Formula        
  0.2475 0.0796 67.84  
  0.2056 0.1073 47.81  
  0.1922 0.0916 52.34  
  0.1879 0.1101 41.41  
  0.1973 0.1042 47.19  
  0.2476 0.0318 87.16  
  0.1407 0.0535 61.98  
  0.2017 0.1281 36.49  
  0.2221 0.0652 70.64 56.98

Success Rating:

Test incomplete or inconclusive.


The PLZ Fresh & Clean Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner performed on the same level as the commercially available EasyOff Fume Free oven cleaner. The Easy-Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner was the least effective and second least consistent product evaluated after PLZ Oven Fume-Free. It was especially lacking when compared to its PLZ counterpart, PLZ Fresh & Clean Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner, which performed nearly 30% more efficiently.

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