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Trial Number 6

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate top two products for spot cleaning on supplied parts using swabs

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

The top two products, Shopmaster RC and SC Actisolv, from the previous trials were used at room temperature. Three supplied dirty aluminum coupons coated with the Stan Chem Inc Red Stop Off (78-93-3, 108-88-3) were wiped with cotton tip swabs until the outer portion of the coupons were free of lacquer. The number of swabs used were noted and the time to clean was recorded. Parts were not rinsed or dried.

Trial Results:

Both products were able to remove the Stop Off from the coupons using the supplied swabs. 

Cleaner Observations #Swabs Time Coupon
Shopmaster RC Red visible on swabs early 3 wet 8:34 1
    4 dry     
    3 wet 8:53 2
    4 dry    
    3 wet 9:32 3
    4 dry    
SC Actisolv 2 sides clean after 6 wet 15:16 7
  12 minutes - other 2 6 dry    
  still heavily soiled 6 wet 14:29 5
  3 sides clean after 6 dry    
  12 minutes      
    5 wet 13:34 6
    6 dry    

Success Rating:

Results suggest a scale-up feasible match for cleaning chemistry and equipment. Pilot plant study with actual parts recommended.


The Shopmaster RC appears to be the more effective spot cleaner, requiring less time and fewer swabs to remove the coating from the coupons.

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