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Trial Number 8

Trial Purpose:

To conduct on site testing to replace methyl ethyl ketone in the removal of lacquer from aluminum parts.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Follow up conversations with the company revealed that the company was going with the Buckeye Shopmaster RC product based on low odor and superior performance. Also, the VOC’s of the Actisolv were about 900 g/l while the Buckeye was a 100g/l, giving them about and 85% reduction in VOC’s for this application.

The company was getting more product form the distributor for more trials and wanted to work on keeping the temperature in the ultrasonic steady.

Trial Results:

The lab went down to the facility to pick up the two smaller units and drop off a larger, approximately 5-gallon, unit with heat and ultrasonics so that they may test in larger batches the Buckeye product. The lab supplied the company with contact information for Branson, Crest, Degreasing Devices and Ken Howard, who makes custom used units.

Success Rating:

Technology Transfer.


The company sent the lab some testing results from their own testing. The supplied some additional action items but it still seems they are going to move forward with the substitution. A final follow conversation will be scheduled in early July 2008.

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