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Trial Number 3

Trial Purpose:

To re-test the effectiveness of EnvirOx Storm against Green Works AP for all-purpose cleaning.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

All ceramic, plastic and painted metal coupons were pre-weighed and had 0.5 g of Hucker’s soil (44.2% Distilled water, 13.5% Evaporated milk, 8.8% Salted butter, 8.8% Stone ground wheat flour, 8.8% Egg yolk, 0.9% Printer’s ink with boiled linseed oil, 2.7% Saline solution, 3.5% India ink) distributed onto each coupon. The dirty weights were recorded after the coupons had dried for two hours at room temperature (68°F). Three coupons of the same substrate were aligned into a Single Line Washing Unit (SLW) with Wypall X60 attached to the cleaning sled. The Wypall X60 reinforced wipe along with the coupons were all sprayed three times with the cleaner and then allowed to soak for 30 seconds. Afterward, the Single Line Washing Unit (SLW) was activated and cleaned for 20 cycles. The clean coupons were all then allowed to dry overnight at room temperature before the final weights were recorded.

Trial Results:

EnvirOx Storm had a higher percentage of removal for ceramic and painted steel when compared to Green Works AP and slightly higher than the previous test. Painted steel had an average of 90% removal and visually there were small amounts of soil left on the coupon after 20 wipes. Ceramic for EnvirOx Storm had an average of 85% removal and some soil was left on the surface of the coupon. Removal of soil on plastic coupons was the same as the previous test with an average of 82% removal; although this was less percentage removal than Green Works which has 89% removal, visually both coupons looked to have the same amount of soil left on the surface. Green Works AP was not effective when removing soil from ceramic and painted steel and averaged 57% and 67% removal respectively.  

Product Substrate initial wt Final Wt % Removal Average
EnvirOx Storm Ceramic 0.1939 0.0359 81.49 85.08
0.1811 0.0374 79.35  
0.1611 0.0090 94.41  
Plastic 0.1476 0.0096 93.50 81.54
0.2046 0.0631 69.16  
0.1531 0.0276 81.97  
Painted Steel 0.1730 0.0152 91.21 90.93
0.1884 0.0201 89.33  
0.1602 0.0124 92.26  
Green Works AP Ceramic 0.1499 0.0903 39.76 57.81
0.1558 0.0703 54.88  
0.1689 0.0358 78.80  
Plastic 0.3065 0.0390 87.28 89.99
0.2279 0.0132 94.21  
0.2128 0.0245 88.49  
Painted Steel 0.1859 0.0456 75.47 67.28
0.1628 0.0575 64.68  
0.1633 0.0626 61.68  

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


EnvirOx Storm was effective for the removal of hucker's soil on ceramic, plastic, and painted steel substrates. Green Works AP was effective for the removal of hucker's soil on plastic, and performed slightly better than EnvirOx but was not effective for ceramic and painted steel. 

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