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Trial Number 2

Trial Purpose:

Practical application of two terpene cleaners.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Four coupons were contaminated with a single pass of ink and allowed to dry as in the previous two trials (7/8 -7/9). The main purpose of this trial was to determine a practical application usage of the two terpene cleaners. The customer supplied cleaner was compared to the terpene cleaners to determine the time needed to clean the ink from the substrate. The cleaners were applied to a paper towel as in the previous trials. When the cleaning started the clock was started. When the ink was completely removed from the coupon, the clock was stopped and the time was recorded. The coupons were then left for a period of three hours and weighed to determine the amount of ink left behind.
CONTAMINANTS: Ink--Steel Blue DX-100 solvent based dye
CONTAMINATING PROCESS USED: Single pass with ink on coupon, dried as before

Trial Results:

cuopon # Coupon contaminated contaminate cleaned remaining  % cont. removal comments
  weight coupon wt weight coupon wt contaminate remaining time  
13 63.2196 63.2241 0.0045 63.2179 -0.0017 -37.78 16sec damage
14 63.224 63.2273 0.0033 63.2206 -0.0034 -103.03 8sec damage
15 63.1253 63.1304 0.0051 63.1289 0.0036 70.59 13sec  
16 62.9896 62.9944 0.0048 62.9878 -0.0018 -37.50 6sec damage
cleaner ID  
13 Safety Layout Blue Remover
14 Terpene Technology HTF-50
15 Terpene Technology HTF-60
16 T Square HTF-50

All of the cleaners appeared to remove the ink in under twenty seconds.  According to the data, cleaner number 15 only removed about 30% of the cleaner.  Yet upon visual inspection, there seemed to be no ink on the coupon.  The other three cleaners damaged the coupons only slightly.  This could be do to the before mentioned reason in trial 2 (accuracy of balance).  Despite the minimal damage to the substrate, the cleaners worked well in the practical application of the ink to the coupons.

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


Upon completion of the three trials relating to the ink removal from the substrate, the lab suggests trying the two terpene cleaners in house and small samples of each chemistry were shipped to client, along with the MSDS's.  The client can determine which cleaner the prefer or try other terpene based products specifically designed for ink removal.  It should be noted that the terpenes do have an odor that needs to be considered.

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