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Trial Number 5

Trial Purpose:

Dirt, Grease, Oil, and metal fines cleaning.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Seventeen (17) coupons were weighed after being precleaned. The coupons were then contaminated with the "gunk". The coupons were allowed to sit for a short while and then reweighed. Three of the cleaners from the previous trials were selected to be tested in this trial due to their possible ability to remove the listed contaminants. Also, three other cleaners were selected using the laboratory's database of chemistries. The coupons were placed in the cleaners for ten minutes at 150 F. Then the coupons were rinsed for two minutes in a tap water bath at 120 F. Finally the coupons were allowed to drip dry at ambient temperature. Once the coupons were dry, they were weighed to obtain their "cleaned" weight.
CONTAMINANTS: Dirt, Grease, Oil, and metal fines ("gunk")

Trial Results:

Of the six chemistries selected only two showed possible signs of contaminant removal.  The remaining cleaners had minimal to no effect on the "gunk."

%Contaminant Removed          
  Blue Gold Ak-6215 Special F 625-XL 4000T Release
  2.70 0.19 1.97 ‑11.08 3.23  
  ‑4.44 ‑2.53 0.98 ‑12.12 14.31 11.32
  ‑1.27 1.72 2.58 2.49 9.67 0.38
Average ‑1.00 ‑0.21 1.84 ‑6.90 9.07 5.85
std dev 3.57 2.15 0.81 8.15 5.57 7.74

Success Rating:

Test incomplete or inconclusive.


With the results of the experiment being unsatisfactory, a further trial will be run using Oakite Inproclean 4000T, Cleaning Systems Release at full strength as well as a couple of newly selected cleaners.

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