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Client #391

Cleaning Product Manufacturer

Cleaner Manufacturer

Project Number 1

Test Objective:

PURETi Group LLC is an American manufacturer of aqueous photocatalytic surface treatments - water and titania solutions that are spray applied to materials of all types to safely, invisibly and durably transform the treated surfaces into self-cleaning air purifier - when exposed to light. We are seeking to have our newest product, "PURETi Clean & Fresh - the glass cleaner that also cleans the air", tested for its: glass cleaning ability; sustained glass cleaning ability over time in the presence of light; TVOC reducing ability over time in the presence of light PURETi Clean & Fresh is a DIY, spray and wipe glass cleaner.

Product Use:

Cleaning products
Trial Number Date Run Purpose Success Rating
0 09/16/2014 To evaluate supplied products for glass cleaning using manual cleaning Results successful using TACT (time, agitation, concentration, and temperature, as well as rinsing and drying) and/or other cleaning chemistries examined.