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Trial Number 3

Trial Purpose:

To assess whether Gemtek products are comparable to TCE when cleaning Bird Precision provided parts.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Clean parts were provided by Bird Precision, and initial observations were taken using a microscope. Photographs were taken through the eyehole of the microscope and visual observations were recorded. This was repeated once soiled and after the parts were cleaned. Brass parts were hollow, and photos were taken on both sides. Nickel parts were only photographed on the perforated side. Parts were soiled with skin oils, cloth fibers, and a lubricating oil provided by Bird Precision. Parts were placed in a beaker of solution for a minute using a basket with slight agitation. After cleaning, the parts were removed and placed over a heated air gun for 1 to 5 minutes. Final observations were recorded after drying.

Trial Results:

 SC 1000/SC SuperSolv 95/5


Brass: Part reused from precious test showed some residue around jewel from oil.

Nickel: Part reused from previous test appears to have blue residue outside of orifice and debris.


Brass: Oil visible on the inside of the jewel.

Nickel: Oil visible on the inside of the jewel.


Brass: Oil still present in the jewels and orifices completely or partially blocked with some discoloration on outer surface.

Nickel: Some fluid inside opening with debris outside and blue coloration.

SC 1000/SC SuperSolv  90/10


Brass: Parts reused still show signs of oil inside jewels from previous test

Nickel: Parts reused show little to no residue visible.


Brass: Oil visible on the inside of the jewel.

Nickel: Oil visible on the inside of the jewel.


Brass: Outer surface appears scratched with oil completely burnt on top of jewel blocking orifice. Appears crystallized.

Nickel: Blue residue with some fibers present on surface and some pitting. Jewels appear darkened to a brown color.

Success Rating:

Test showed little or no promise.


The Gemtek cleaners showed little removal of the lubricating oil for this particular application. Further testing can be done with other cleaning methods.

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