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Trial Number 4

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate the removal of Milform FB 941-A oil from Hastelloy substrate.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Three parts per cleaner were weighed for initial weights. They were then dipped in the Milform FB 941-A oil and all excess oil was allowed to drip off. They were then weighed for dirty weights. The cleaners were heated to their vendor recommended temperatures and were placed in the heated ultrasonics tank. Three coupons per cleaner were immersed and the ultrasonics tank was run for 15 minutes at 40 KhZ. They were then placed on trays and left to dry overnight. After drying, they were weighed for clean weights. 

Trial Results:

All cleaners were effective for the removal of oil from Hastelloy parts. All had above a 99% average removal effectiveness. Some of the coupons were slick to the touch. 

Cleaner Conc. Temp Initial wt. of cont. Final wt. of cont. Average Combined Average
Shopmaster LPH 20% 140 F 0.5767 0.0021 99.64 99.29
0.5178 0.0036 99.30
0.6477 0.0069 98.93
Water Works 33% 105 F 0.4817 0.0046 99.05 99.43
0.4945 0.0026 99.47
0.5374 0.0013 99.76
Mirachem 500 33% 140 F 0.9151 0.0141 98.46 99.08
0.9781 0.0040 99.59
0.5544 0.0045 99.19
S.C. Aircraft 25% 140 F 0.9842 0.0082 99.17 98.56
0.3166 0.0082 97.41
0.6346 0.0057 99.10

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


All cleaners were effective for the removal of oil. SInce some were still slick to the touch, additional testing including changing temperature and concentration would be next steps to achieve optimal removal of oil. 

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