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Trial Number 0

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate effectiveness of the provided cleaners in regards to removing supplied gel and oils from stainless steel.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Three pre-weighed stainless-steel coupons were coated with each soil using a swab and allowed to air dry (68 F) for 24 hours. Dirty weights were recorded before immersing coupons into the provided cleaners provided by the company at room temperature (68 F) for two minutes. Coupons were rinsed in a de-ionized water bath for one minute and dried for 24 hours before recording the final weights.

Trial Results:

SuperNova Extreme Detergent did not efficiently remove the supplied gel and oils from stainless steel coupons gravimetrically or visually. The contaminant, supplied gel, was clear, therefore there was no visual change in the cleaner as the substrates were immersing. While the substrates contaminated with Houghto-Draw 7060 were being immersed, SuperNova Extreme Detergent (1 oz/gal) visually changed cloudy showing an indication of some contaminant removal. While the substrates contaminated with Mobil SHC 634 were being immersed in SuperNova Extreme Detergent (1 oz/gal), the soil floated to the top of the cleaner. Once the coupons were rinsed and air dried, there was still residue on the surfaces.

Table of Gravimetric Results 

Cleaner Soil Initial wt of cont. Final wt of cont. %Cont Removed % Average Overall % Average
SuperNova Extreme Detergent (1 oz/gal) Supplied Gel 0.0549 0.0204 62.84 63.69 40.26
0.0588 0.0205 65.14
0.0699 0.0258 63.09
Houghto-Draw 7060 0.3342 0.1732 48.17 44.88
0.4318 0.2998 30.57
0.4218 0.1860 55.90
Mobil SHC 634 0.4568 0.4117 9.87 12.21
0.3346 0.3336 0.30
0.6530 0.4803 26.45
SuperNova Extreme Detergent (0.5 oz/gal) Supplied Gel 0.0697 0.0335 51.94 57.06 57.06
0.0718 0.0331 53.90
0.0401 0.0139 65.34

Success Rating:

A cleanliness study, addressing only various analytical techniques.


The cleaner, SuperNova Extreme Detergent, at 100% and 50% concentrations, was not effective in removing supplied gel and oils from stainless steel coupons with overall average removals of 40.26% and 57.06%, respectively. The results were verified with visual observations.

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