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Trial Number 2

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate the effectiveness of various cleaners on different surfaces.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Three Coupons were gathered for each substrate. Since the same substrates were tested with two different cleaners, a total of 18 coupons were used. The initial weights of the coupons were then measured and recorded in the lab notebook. Approximately 0.5 grams of Hucker’s Soil (44.2 % Distilled Water, 13.5 % Evaporated milk, 8.8% creamy peanut butter, 8.8 % salted butter, 8.8sone ground what flour, 8.8 % egg yolk, 0.9% printer’s ink with boiled linseed oil, 2.7% saline soil, and 3.5% India Ink) was then spread onto the coupons whose masses were then measured and recorded in the lab notebook.

After being left to age overnight, 3 coupons all of the same type of substrate, were then placed in the Manual SLW Unit. After placing the auxiliary pieces into the unit to stabilize the coupons, the wooden block attachment wrapped in the respective cleaner soaked Wypall strip was then equipped. With the wooden block and the Wypall with the respective cleaner attached and the coupons in place, the coupons were then sprayed approximately twice each coupon. The SLW Unit was then turned on and allowed to run for 20 cycles each cleaning test session. After the cleaning sessions for each coupon, the coupons were then weighed again, and their masses recorded in the lab notebook.

Trial Results:

Cleaner Substrate Initial wt of cont. Final wt of cont. %Cont Removed Average % Removal Overall % Removal









0.5411 0.0285 94.73 81.61 89.62
0.4828 0.0614 87.28
0.4638 0.1724 62.83



0.5032 0.0418 91.69 91.42
0.4216 0.0384 90.89
0.5213 0.0434 91.67



0.4843 0.0161 96.68 95.82
0.4777 0.0088 98.16
0.4628 0.0341 92.63








0.6301 0.1658 73.69 88.84 91.97*
0.5453 0.0183 96.64
0.5058 0.0192 96.20



0.5201 0.0449 91.37 89.16
0.4767 0.0926 80.57
0.5141 0.0229 95.55



0.4335 0.0108 97.51 97.89
0.4748 0.0084 98.23
0.5746 0.0119 97.93

*During the cleaning sessions with the Seventh Generation All Purpose, there was notable streaking with each substrate that was not apparent when cleaning with the Ambrosia Veles All Purpose.

Success Rating:

A cleanliness study, addressing only various analytical techniques.


Between the two products, Seventh Generation All Purpose and Ambrosia Veles All Purpose, both cleaners were effective in removing the Hucker’s Soil from the various glass, marble, and stainless-steel substrates. While both cleaners were effective, Seventh Generation All Purpose was slightly more effective, however, the difference between the two in terms of effectiveness is minimal. While Seventh Generation was more effective, both cleaners were of the same caliber in the removal of the Hucker’s Soil from the various substrates. There was also a notable difference when cleaning with the Seventh Generation All Purpose cleaner where there was very prominent streaking.

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