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Trial Number 9

Trial Purpose:

The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effectiveness of cleaners via heated ultrasonic cleaning.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Cleaners were prepared to the following concentrations: Metalnox 6386 100%, Dimethyl Glutarate 100%, Water Works Heavy Duty Degreaser 7:1, SC Aircraft & Metal Cleaner 20%, Crystal Simple Green Industrial Cleaner 30 parts water. Solutions were heated to 100°F and placed in an ultrasonic bath also at 100°F. Three aluminum coupons were obtained and weighed for each of the cleaners being tested. Coupons were then soiled with aviation grease and a dirty weight was recorded. Once solutions reached the proper temperature, coupons were submerged into their respective cleaners and ultrasonic cleaning was conducted for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, coupons cleaned with SC Aircraft were submerged into a deionized water bath at 100°F for 30 seconds. All coupons were then partially dried with a heat gun to remove excess solution and allowed to finish drying in air for 24 hours. Following the drying step, coupons were weighed again and a clean weight was recorded. Effectiveness of the cleaners was determined.

Trial Results:

Cleaner Initial wt of cont Final wt of cont %Cont Removed %AVG
Metalnox 6386 0.1382 0.0006 99.57 97.48%
0.1275 0.0027 97.88
0.1001 0.005 95
Dimethyl Glutarate 0.107 0.0639 40.28 55.31%
0.1055 0.0221 79.05
0.1225 0.0654 46.61
Water Works 0.1534 0.033 78.49 71.09%
0.1825 0.0566 68.99
0.1143 0.0391 65.79
SC Aircraft & Metal 0.1642 0.1062 35.32 44.89%
0.1121 0.033 70.56
0.1625 0.1157 28.8
Crystal Simple Green 0.1638 0.1423 13.13 25.01%
0.148 0.0985 33.45
0.1999 0.143 28.46

Metalnox 6386 was the highest performing cleaner removing an average of 97.48% of soil. However, Water Works and SC Aircraft, which were top contenders in the unheated ultrasonic trial, decreased in performance. This could be due to the beaker chosen. Adding heat was expected to further improve the performance of those cleaners, and a retrial using a larger beaker to give space between the substrates will allow the grease to potentially be broken down instead of clumping along the tops of the coupons. Dimethyl glutarate showed significant improvement and could also benefit from testing in a larger beaker. Crystal Simple Green slightly decreased in performance and has overall been ineffective in dissolving the grease. Crystal Simple Green will be dropped from further testing.

Success Rating:

Results successful using TACT (time, agitation, concentration, and temperature, as well as rinsing and drying) and/or other cleaning chemistries examined.


Upon completion of testing it was determined that heated ultrasonic cleaning at 100°F for 15 minutes was an effective method for Metalnox 6386 and no further optimization is required. Water Works and SC Aircraft performed worse than expected, but this could be due to the beaker chosen. A retrial with a larger beaker for more space between the substrates could be beneficial. Dimethyl glutarate performed significantly better and a larger beaker could also benefit performance. Crystal Simple Green slightly decreased in performance, and will be dropped from further testing due to overall poor removal of soil.

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