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Trial Number 1

Trial Purpose:

Determine the effectiveness of various cleaners for removing a thickener from stainless steel using unheated and heated immersion.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Dirty weights for pre-coated stainless-steel coupons, three for each cleaner, were immersed in unheated cleaners at their recommended low concentrations; DI water was heated for this trial at 150F. The coupons were immersed for 15 minutes before air blowing dry and taking final weights. 

Trial Results:


Cleaner Initial Weight of Contaminant Final Weight of Contaminant % Contaminant Removed Average % Removal
1 0.7283g 0.7232g 0.70%



0.6188g 0.6373g -2.98%
0.5853g 0.5908g -0.94%
2 0.5945g 0.6062 -1.97% -1.79%
0.4535g 0.4598 -1.39%
0.2638g 0.2691 -2.01%
3 0.6830g 0.6855 -0.37% -4.52%
0.5160g 0.5530 -7.17%
0.6095g 0.6463 -6.04%
4 0.3009g 0.4217 -40.15% -24.57%
0.5477g 0.6580 -20.14%
0.3509g 0.3980 -13.42%
5 0.5520g 0.5268 4.57% 0.38%
0.2362g 0.2280 3.47%
0.5634g 0.6022 -6.89%
6 0.6861g 0.7128 -3.89% -2.32%
0.1910g 0.1929 -0.99%
0.3755g 0.3833 -2.08%


During the testing of the DI Water, it seemed that it was relatively most effective in removing the soil from the coupons. However, the DI Water did not dissolve the thickener visually compared to the other cleaners. Instead, the DI Water began to peel the thickener from the stainless-steel coupons much more than the other cleaners did.

Success Rating:

Test showed little or no promise.


None of the cleaners were effective at removing the thickener using unheated immersion, however, heated DI water (150F) loosened the thickener from the surface with agitation. 

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