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Trial Number 2

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate the effectiveness of the Mrs. Meyers Lavender Glass cleaner and Cleanyst Free & Clear Glass cleaner

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Twelve pre-weighed coupons, three of each substrate per cleaner, were contaminated with 0.5 grams of glass soil (Water 51.5%, Hair gel 25.6%, Toothpaste 10.4%, Shaving cream 5.3%, Hair spray 3.7%, Spray deodorant 3.5%) distributed onto each coupon. The dirty weights were recorded after the coupons had dried for 24 hours at room temperature (68 F). Two coupons of the same substrate were aligned into a Single Line Washing Unit (SLW) with The Wypall X60 attached to the cleaning sled. The Wypall X60 reinforced wipe along with the coupons were all sprayed three times with the cleaner and then allowed to soak for 30 seconds. Afterwards the Single Line Washing Unit (SLW) was activated and cleaned for 20 cycles. The clean coupons were all then allowed to dry for one hour at room temperature before the final weights were recorded.


Visual observations were made on the coupons for spotting and filming following the general guidelines set forth in the CSPA DCC 09A. Filming is best recognized as "haziness" or overall "milkiness", while streaking is best identified as dried droplets or "spotting", usually found strung together into thin white lines. Each coupon was evaluated separately for filming and streaking, (i.e., product residues without added soil), according to a scale of "1" to "7" where;                               

Filming                       Streaking

7 = high filming           7 = high streaking poor (performance)

1 = no visible filming   1 = no visible streaking (excellent performance)

Chemistries Evaluated: (1) Mrs. Meyers Lavender Glass Cleaner; (2) Cleanyst Free & Clear Glass Cleaner

Trial Results:

Gravimetric Results:

Cleaner Substrate Initial wt. of cont. Final wt. cont. % Cont. Removed Average % of Content Removed Overall Average % Content Removed


Mrs. Meyers Lavender Glass Cleaner

Glass 0.4168 0.0016 99.62 99.71 99.52
0.5159 0.0011 99.79
0.5489 0.0015 99.73
Chrome 0.5406 0.0034 99.37 99.33
0.5927 0.0036 99.39
0.5649 0.0043 99.24


Cleanyst Free & Clear Glass Cleaner

Glass 0.4948 0.0024 99.51 99.49 99.56
0.5409 0.0024 99.56
0.5056 0.0031 99.39
Chrome 0.5310 0.0020 99.62 99.64
0.4998 0.0017 99.66
0.5482 0.002 99.64

Spotting and Filming Visual Final Averaged Results:

Cleaner Substrate Average Spot Average Film
Mrs. Meyers Lavender Glass Cleaner Glass 2.8 4
Cleanyst Free & Clear Glass Cleaner 2.7 3
Mrs. Meyers Lavender Glass Cleaner Chrome 3 5
Cleanyst Free & Clear Glass Cleaner 2.3 3.3

Success Rating:

A cleanliness study, addressing only various analytical techniques.

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