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Trial Number 5

Trial Purpose:

Evaluate Troy Corp cleaners on supplied dirty chain

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

An old bike chain was obtained and cut into 6 sections, each 20 links long.  Then a rag was sprayed twice with the first cleaner.  The chain was held with medium pressure in the now wet section of rag and dragged along it.  It was dragged through a total of 4 times.  This process was repeated for each cleaner being tested using a different section of rag for each.  One chain was left uncleaned to be used as a control.

Trial Results:

Cleaner Initial weight Cleaned weight Removed weight
TO8867 54.6962 55.598 -0.9018
TO8868 55.7654 55.7531 0.0123
TO8869 55.3274 55.5319 -0.2045
TO8870 54.904 55.606 -0.702
TO8871 56.8373 56.9078 -0.0705

A significant number of the chains were heavier after cleaning.  While the outside of the chains looked to be cleaner than the control, the insides of the chains seemed to be the same.  Chain A and D seemed to be slightly shinier than the others.

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


Comparing the chains to the cleaners that are currently being used should provide a better basis for effectiveness comparison.  Also, if possible, pictures of the “clean” chains at Freewheelers could be obtained to provide a better idea of what a clean chain should look like.

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