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Trial Number 2

Trial Purpose:

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

A Spectro Guide Gloss-Color meter from BYK Gardner was used to measure baseline gloss readings from six preweighed coupons, three per cleaner before soiling with one gram of DCC-17 soil (33% vegetable shortening, 33% lard, 33% vegetable oil, 1% carbon lampblack) using a swab. Coupons air dried at room temperature (68 F) for 24 hours before recording dirty gloss readings and weight. A sponge, provided by EcoEgg, was used to manually clean with both the supplied and comparative product. The sponge was saturated once with deionized water before rubbing it into the EcoEgg hard surface cleaner in a circular motion for five seconds. Coupons were cleaned one at a time for 30 seconds in a circular motion with a reapplication of the cleaner between each coupon. A dime sized drop of the comparative product was applied directly to the coupons one at a time and cleaned with a wet sponge for 30 sections in a circular motion. The coupons were dried by wiping once with a microfiber towel before taking clean gloss readings and final weights.

Trial Results:


Cleaner Initial L Dirty L Final L % DET % AVG DET
Hard Surface Cleaner Citrus Burst 92.29 26.59 77.97 78.20 90.14
85.72 20.49 82.78 95.49
81.82 18.68 79.75 96.72
Soft Scrub 91.72 15.77 82.72 88.15 93.48
90.61 29.08 85.82 92.22
88.01 23.93 88.06 100.08



Cleaner Initial wt of cont. Final wt of cont. %Cont. Removed % Average
Hard Surface Cleaner Citrus Burst 1.0077 0.0480 95.24 96.08
1.1006 0.0305 97.23
1.0454 0.0441 95.78
Soft Scrub 0.6776 0.0415 93.88 92.09
1.1712 0.1366 88.34
1.0893 0.0647 94.06


Success Rating:

A cleanliness study, addressing only various analytical techniques.


EcoEgg’s Hard Surface Cleaner Citrus Burst is as effective as the comparative cleaning product at removing DCC-17 from painted vinyl.

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