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Trial Number 5

Trial Purpose:

To compare the effectiveness of removing Hucker’s soil from a variety of surfaces using the supplied cleaning products.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

A Spectro Guide Gloss-Color meter from BYK Gardner was used to measure baseline gloss readings from six coupons, three per cleaner before soiling with one gram of glass soil (51.5% water, 25.6% hair gel, 10.4% toothpaste, 5.3% shaving cream, 3.7% hair spray, 3.5% spray deodorant) using a swab. Coupons air dried at room temperature (68F) for 24 hours before recording dirty gloss readings. A sponge provided by EcoEgg was used to manually clean with both the supplied and comparative product. The sponge was cut into four pieces and one piece was used per cleaner. A sponge piece was saturated once with deionized water before rubbing it into the EcoEgg hard surface cleaner in a circular motion for five seconds. The coupons were cleaned one at a time for 30 seconds in a circular motion with a reapplication of the cleaner between each coupon. A dime sized drop of the comparative product was applied directly to the coupons one at a time and cleaned with a wet sponge for 30 sections in a circular motion. The coupons were dried by wiping once with a microfiber towel before taking clean gloss readings and final observations.

Trial Results:

Cleaner Initial Gloss Final Gloss Observations
1 51.70 55.90 Left a soil outline. No other visible streaks
66.00 66.20
27.90 35.80
2 27.40 39.30 No outline of soil. No streaks.
62.80 69.10
71.00 55.60

Success Rating:

A cleanliness study, addressing only various analytical techniques.


Both products improved the gloss readings. Some residue was left behind by the Eco Egg product.

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