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Trial Number 2

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate the removal of oil from brass pieces provided by the company using industrial degreasers.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

The cleaners were put into beakers and heated to 140 F in the ultrasonics tank. The parts were weighed for initial weights and then covered in oil and weighed again for dirty weights. Once the cleaners were at the correct temperatures, the parts were put into the beakers. The ultrasonics tank was turned on and ran for 15 minutes. The parts were taken out and left to dry fully. Once dry, the clean weights were taken. The ultrasonics tank was run at 40 KHz.

Trial Results:

The Metalnox 6435 that works for the removal of buffing compound did not remove the oil from the parts and had an average of 56% and 12% for the two parts tested. Crystal Simple Green was not compatible with brass and removed the protective coating around the part making it dark and changing its appearance. The removal for one part was over 500% and the other part was over 100%, indicating more weight was removed than originally weighed in the initial weights. Surface Cleanse, Liquinox, and Shopmaster LPH all did well and both parts for all cleaners had over a 99% removal effectiveness. Visually the parts were clean and had a shine to them. Citranox visually did as well, but one part gravimetrically was around 76% removal and the other around 94% removal. The lower score could have been a gravimetric error; Citranox seemed to do just as well as the other three cleaners. 

Cleaner Concentration Initial wt. of cont. Final wt. of cont. Average
Metalnox 6435 100% 0.0268 0.0119 55.60
0.0372 0.0327 12.10
Crystal Simple Green 1:15 0.0080 -0.0341 526.25
0.0757 -0.0032 104.23
Surface Cleanse 2% 0.1496 0.0003 99.80
0.1508 0.0002 99.87
Liquinox 2% 0.1352 0.0005 99.63
0.1458 0.0001 99.93
Shopmaster LPH 10% 0.1831 0.0014 99.24
0.0957 0.0002 99.79
Citranox 2% 0.1347 0.0318 76.39
0.1203 0.0072 94.01

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


Surface Cleanse 930, Liquinox and Shopmaster LPH all performed well with over 99% removal and visually were spotless. Citranox also did well but had a lower gravimetric score for one of the parts. Metalnox 6435 did not remove oil from the parts and Crystal Simple Green removed the protective coating and changed the color of the part. Next steps would be to have company input and to do in house testing on company parts. 

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