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Trial Number 3

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate the removal of sliding gel from brass parts provided by the company.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Two parts per cleaner were weighed for intial weights. They were then dipped on one side into the sliding gel and weighed again for dirty weights. The cleaners were all heated to the recommended temperature of 140 degrees farenheit and were used at the vendor recommended concentrations. Once the dirty weights were taken, the two parts were put into the beaker which had the heated cleaner in it and was put into the ultrasonics tank for 15 minutes. The ultrasonics tank is used at 40 kHz. After the 15 minutes, the parts were taken out and placed on the tray to dry overnight. Once dry, the final clean weights were taken. 

Trial Results:

Surface cleanse has about a 99% removal but there was sticky residue left on the surface. Liquinox had about a 72% removal and was sticky to the touch after cleaning. One of the parts for citranox showed a greater than 100% removal but the other was around 87% removal. Both parts were still sticky and the over 100% removal could be a gravimetric error. Shopmaster LPH also had over 100% removal for both parts and was not sticky to the touch after cleaning and was re-done to test effectiveness. The second trial showed a 99% removal, but was still sticky after the cleaning. The Metalnox 6435 had a 100% removal and was not sticky to the touch after cleaning. 

Cleaner Concentration Initial wt. of cont. Final wt. of cont. Average Combined Average Notes
Surface Cleanse 2% 0.0876 -0.0006 100.68 99.91 Sticky Residue
0.1029 0.0009 99.13
Liquinox 2% 0.0660 0.0256 61.21 71.75 Sticky Residue
0.0683 0.0121 82.28
Shopmaster LPH 10% 0.1419 -0.0344 124.24 128.77 Clean to touch
0.0892 -0.0297 133.30
Shopmaster LPH 10% 0.1398 0.0002 99.86 98.77 Sticky residue
0.2078 0.0048 97.69
Citranox 2% 0.0705 -0.0485 168.79 127.86 Sticky residue
0.0688 0.0090 86.92
Metalnox 6435 15% 0.0802 0.0000 100.00 99.65 Clean to touch
0.1127 0.0008 99.29

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


Metalnox 6435 performed the best at a 100% removal with no residue left on the surface of the part. The other cleaners that were tested left a sticky residue on the part after cleaning. 

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