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Trial Number 3

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate the effectiveness of aqueous and non aqueous cleaners in removing a variety of oil and grease soils from brass.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Eighteen brass coupons, three per soil per cleaner, were weighed to record their initial weights.  The coupons were then soiled with their respective soils; LMKT lapping compound, Honing oil, and slide gel lubricant.  About 0.5 grams of each soil was spread on the bottom third of each coupon with a swab.  The dirty weights of the coupons were then recorded.  The coupons were then subjected to 15 minutes of unheated ultrasonics in their respective cleaners.  Once cleaned, each coupon was dried with the heat gun at high heat for about 30-45 seconds. After drying, the clean weights of the coupons were recorded.

Trial Results:

Cleaner soil Initial wt of cont. Final wt of cont. %Cont Removed % AVG % Overall
Sta Sol ESS 159 LMKT Lapping Compound 0.0245 0.0046 81.22 91.66 90.94
0.0329 0.0000 100.00
0.0032 0.0002 93.75
Honing Oil 0.0230 0.0005 97.83 93.35
0.0178 0.0022 87.64
0.0111 0.0006 94.59
Slide Gel 0.0400 0.0027 93.25 84.68
0.0133 0.0017 87.22
0.0246 0.0065 73.58
Propylene Glycol Ether LMKT Lapping Compound 0.0169 0.0008 95.27 94.08 90.45
0.0529 0.0014 97.35
0.0154 0.0016 89.61
Honing Oil 0.0143 0.0016 88.81 86.56
0.0071 0.0012 83.10
0.0090 0.0011 87.78
Slide Gel  0.0529 0.0060 88.66 90.70
0.0433 0.0027 93.76
0.0542 0.0056 89.67

Success Rating:

Results successful using TACT (time, agitation, concentration, and temperature, as well as rinsing and drying) and/or other cleaning chemistries examined.


Both Sta Sol ESS 159 and Propylene Glycol Ether are effective in removing all soils from brass.  Although they were effective on all soils, Sta Sol did not remove the slide gel soil to the same efficacy as the other two soils and the Propylene Glycol Ether did not remove the honing oil to the same efficacy as the other two soils.  Future testing should include heated immersion to see if the addition of heat will improve the performance of both cleaners on those particular soils.  

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