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Trial Number 12

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate the effectiveness of Mirachem 500 and Dimethyl Glutarate for the removal of black grease on company parts using heated ultrasonics for 15 minutes at 105 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

One part per cleaner was previously soiled using company-supplied black grease and was soiled using a swab. The dirty weights were taken for each part. The first test used 15-minute ultrasonics at 105 degrees Fahrenheit and the cleaners were heated up previously, then put into the ultrasonics tank which was also heated. The part was placed in a beaker in the ultrasonics tank and was cleaned for 15 minutes. The second test used 15-minute ultrasonics at 120 degrees Fahrenheit and had the same process as the previous test. Once cleaning was done, the parts were taken out and left to try for 60 minutes. The clean weights were then recorded. After clean weights were recorded, any leftover soil was removed from the part with a paper towel. After all of the soil was removed, the initial weights of the parts were taken.

Cleaners used:

  • 2:1 (33%) Mirachem 500
  • 100% Dimethyl Glutarate 

Trial Results:

Gravimetrically, both temperatures were successful for the removal of grease from company parts. Visually though, the 120-degree test was more successful at removing excess grease, the 105 degrees test still had some leftover soil where it had been applied thick. Dimethyl Glutarate did the best at 95% removal at 120 degrees and averaged 83% at 105 degrees. Mirachem 500 did about the same for both temperatures, 93% removal at 105 degrees and 91% removal at 120 degrees; still, visually Mirachem 500 did better at the higher temperature. 

105 degrees F

Cleaner Temperature Initial wt of cont Final wt of cont % Removal
Mirachem 500 105 0.5173 0.0326 93.70
Dimethyl Glutarate 105 1.0364 0.1763 82.99

120 degrees F

Cleaner Temperature Initial wt of cont Final wt of cont % Removal
Mirachem 500 120 0.2861 0.027 90.56
Dimethyl Glutarate 120 0.3679 0.0179 95.13

Success Rating:

Results successful using TACT (time, agitation, concentration, and temperature, as well as rinsing and drying) and/or other cleaning chemistries examined.


Mirachem 500 performed well and was successful for the removal of grease on company parts, visually it did better at the higher temperature, but it could be recommended at both temperatures. Dimethyl Glutarate performed the best at 120 degrees at 95% removal. It would not be recommended to use Dimethyl Glutarate at 105 degrees though because it only removed about 83%. Moving forward, pictures and updates will be sent to the company and a demonstration showing the removal will need to be done.

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