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Client #475


Technical School

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Project Number 1


Auto Tech program could have continued to clean car parts with the old methods of a Safety-Kleen parts washer and Brakleen aerosol cans. Instead, the teachers and administration at the school advocated for and secured grant funding to purchase equipment that provides a safer and healthier environment for the students. By doing so, they are also setting an example for the students and teaching them new practices they will take with them into the professional world after graduation. The new bio-based systems work as well as the old methods and are saving money that can be reinvested into other areas of the program.

Test Objective:

To create a safer and healthier work environment for students by replacing harsh solvents with a microbe-based (bio-based) technology to clean dirty parts.
Trial Number Date Run Purpose Success Rating
0 09/15/2019 Evaluate io-based parts washing systems, eliminating the washing station and greatly reducing the use of the aerosol products. Final Report only.