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Trial Number 0

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate how well enzymatic and aqueous cleaners remove gundrill oil and coolant from stainless steel alloy.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Initial weights were obtained for 12 stainless steel coupons, three for each cleaner, before soiling with gundrill oil/coolant mixture on half of the coupon on one side. All coupons were weighed again to obtain a dirty weight. Three coupons were immersed in each cleaner for 30 minutes while making observations every five minutes. Coupons were removed from cleaners and allowed to air dry for one hour at room temperature (68 F) before taking final weights.

Chemistries Evaluated: 

  1. Ozzy Juice SW 3 (No Enzymes) 100%
  2. Ozzy Juice SW 4 (No Enzymes) 100%
  3. Crystal Simple Green Industrial Cleaner 1:4
  4. Buckeye Immersion Cleaner 1:10

Trial Results:

Both Ozzy Juice cleaners did well at removing oil/coolant from the coupons and were over 90% removal. Both Crystal and Buckeye were not efficient at cleaning oil/coolant off of the stainless-steel coupons. Clean weights were originally less than initial weights, so initial weights were re-done once all coupons were cleaned. The error in this experiment is due to mechanical error with the scale. Coupons were heated with a heat gun for five minutes. Some coupons still had visible residue on them, so all coupons were wiped with paper towel to remove excess residue.

Cleaner Initial weight of cont. Final weight of cont. % Removal Average
Ozzy Juice SW-3 0.0124 0.0005 95.96 98.87
0.0157 0.0004 97.45
0.0125 -0.0004 103.20
Ozzy Juice SW-4 0.0154 0.0001 99.35 104.56
0.0173 -0.0001 100.57
0.0167 -0.0023 113.77
Crystal Simple Green Industrial cleaner 0.0199 0.0039 80.40 66.53
0.0192 0.0080 58.33
0.0161 0.0063 60.86
Buckeye Immersion Cleaner 0.0163 0.0039 76.07 75.24
0.0118 0.0032 72.88
0.0155 0.0036 76.77

Success Rating:

Test incomplete or inconclusive.


Because some cleaners had removal rates of over 100%, results will need to be verified with another experiment due to mechanical error with the scale. Re-run Ozzy Juice SW 3 and 4; run Crystal Simple Green Industrial Cleaner and Buckeye Immersion Cleaner with heated ultrasonic. A rinse and dry step would need to be refined for coupons.

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