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Trial Number 1

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate how well enzymatic and aqueous cleaners remove gundrill oil and coolant from stainless steel alloy. Re-doing the unheated immersion test for Ozzy Juice SW-3 and Ozzy Juice SW-4 because of scale error in last test. Crystal Simple Green will be tested at room temperature using ultra sonics and Buckeye Immersion Cleaner will be tested at 140F using heated ultra sonics.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Initial weights were obtained for 12 2”x2” stainless steel alloy coupons. All coupons were soiled with gundrill oil/coolant mixture on half of the coupon on one side. All coupons were reweighed to obtain a dirty weight. Three coupons were immersed in both the Ozzy Juice SW 3 and Ozzy Juice SW 4 for 30 minutes while making observations every ten minutes. Three coupons were immersed in both the Crystal Simple Green Industrial Cleaner and Buckeye Immersion Cleaner and both were placed in an ultrasonic machine for 30 minutes; Crystal Simple Green at room temperature (68 ֯F) and Buckeye Immersion Cleaner at 140 ֯F. Coupons were removed from cleaners and rinsed with DI water by dunking each coupon three times. Coupons were air dried for one hour at room temperature (68 ֯F). Clean weights were taken immediately after air drying. 

Chemistries Evaluated:

  1. Ozzy Juice SW 3 - 100%
  2. Ozzy Juice SW 4 - 100%
  3. Crystal Simple Green Industrial Cleaner - 1:4
  4. Buckeye Immersion Cleaner - 1:10

Trial Results:

Visually all cleaners did well for the removal of oil/coolant on stainless steel coupons but gravimetrically were not over 90% efficient. Buckeye immersion cleaner was highest at 86.15% removal and next was Ozzy Juice SW-4 at 85.03% removal. Simple green had an average of 84.64% removal. Lastly, Ozzy Juice SW-3 did the worst with 75.19% removal. All were not effective for the removal of oil/coolant. 

Cleaner Initial weight of cont. Final weight of cont. % Removed Average
Ozzy Juice SW-3 0.0115 0.0022 80.87 75.19
0.0080 0.0020 75.00
0.0066 0.0020 69.70
Ozzy Juice SW-4 0.0161 0.0018 88.82 85.03
0.0098 0.0020 79.59
0.0105 0.0014 86.67
Crystal Simple Green 0.0191 0.0018 90.58 84.64
0.0098 0.0015 84.69
0.0103 0.0022 78.64
Buckeye Immersion Cleaner 0.0128 0.0018 85.94 86.15
0.0091 0.0012 86.81
0.0098 0.0014 85.71

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


All coupons appeared to be clean when analyzing them visually, but gravimetrically, the cleaners were not effective. Plan to make Crystal Simple Green Industrial Cleaner and Buckeye Immersion Cleaner more concentrated; continue with ultrasonics. 

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