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Trial Number 1

Trial Purpose:

To test the removal of maintenance soil from aluminum, stainless steel and painted metal using industrial cleaning methods.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Three coupons per substrate, per cleaner, were pre-weighed for initial values. They were covered with about 0.15g of pre-made maintenance soil. Maintenance soil was made from 10 grams of carbon black, 10 grams iron oxide, 100 ml WD-40, 100 ml hydraulic oil, and 100 ml gear oil. The coupons were oven dried for 30 minutes at 105 degrees Fahrenheit. They were taken out and felt to cool, once cool dirty weights were taken for all coupons. Three coupons of the same substrate, and same cleaner, were placed in the SLW Machine. The cleaners SAFH ISCD RTU and Buckeye Shopmaster were placed in squirt bottled. Three squirts were sprayed onto paper towel media and run for 20 cycles on the SLW Machine. The coupons were taken out and were left to dry for an hour. Once dry, they were weighed for their final clean weights.

Cleaners Used:

  2. Buckeye Shopmaster

Substrates Used:

a. Aluminum

b. Stainless Steel

c. Painted Metal

Trial Results:

Both cleaners performed well for the removal of maintenance soil on the three substrates. The SAAFH ISCD performed slightly better than Buckeye Shopmaster and had an average of about 96% removal on aluminum, 95% removal on stainless steel and 95% on painted metal. Visually all of these coupons looked clean with minimal additional wiping needed. The Buckeye Shopmaster had an average of about 94% removal on aluminum, 97% removal on stainless steel and 92% on painted metal. This also visually looked clean, but there was some black residue left on the painted metal coupons. 


Cleaner Substrate Initial wt. Final wt % Removal Average
1 A 0.1029 0.0061 94.07 96.09
0.1357 0.0033 97.57
0.1182 0.0040 96.62
B 0.1171 0.0062 94.71 94.67
0.0942 0.0055 94.16
0.1259 0.0061 95.15
C 0.1242 0.0074 94.04 94.58
0.0932 0.0055 94.10
0.1338 0.0059 95.59
2 A 0.0623 0.0055 91.17 94.00
0.1033 0.0055 94.68
0.1400 0.0054 96.14
B 0.1280 0.0048 96.25 96.66
0.1487 0.0047 96.84
0.1123 0.0035 96.88
C 0.1424 0.0143 89.96 91.70
0.1131 0.0105 90.72
0.0931 0.0052 94.41

Success Rating:

Preliminary compatibility tests on substrate coupons encouraging for at least one cleaning chemistry. More in-depth laboratory testing necessary.


The SAAFH ISCD industrial cleaner was effective for the removal of maintenance soil on all three substrates and performed better than the comparative product on Aluminum and Painted Metal. It was still effective on Stainless Steel and only had an average of 2% lower than Buckeye Shopmaster. 

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