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Trial Number 0

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate the effectiveness of Nusteam steam cleaner for the removal of soil from ceramic and stainless steel in comparison to Formula 409 and Clorox Bathroom Cleaner.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Three ceramic coupons and three stainless steel coupons per cleaning product were pre-weighed for initial weights. Ceramic coupons were soiled with Bathroom Soil and stainless-steel coupons were soiled with DCC-17, they were left to dry for 24 hours. After dry, they were weighed for dirty weights. The three coupons were added to the Straight Line Washability Unit (SLW) and were sprayed twice by the comparative product. A Kimberly-Clark Wypall reinforced paper towel was sprayed twice and the SLW unit ran for 20 cycles. After cleaning the coupons, the coupons were left to dry. The NuSteam unit was heated up until the light changed from red to green, a clean pad was added to the unit per substrate. After heated, the unit was used for one wipe, and coupons were left to dry. A final weight for one wipe was recorded and then coupons were wiped an additional 19 times. After 20 full wipes were complete, the final weights were recorded.  

Trial Results:

NuSteam performed better than the comparative products for both ceramic and stainless steel. For one wipe on stainless steel there was 99% removal effectiveness and for 20 there was 98% effectiveness. For one wipe on ceramic there was 96% removal effectiveness and for 20 wipes was 99.7% effectiveness. Clorox removed bathroom soil from ceramic at 83% effectiveness and Formula 409 removed DCC-17 from stainless steel with 98% effectiveness. NuSteam showed almost full removal after one wipe. 

Substrate Cleaner Soil Initial wt. of Cont 1 Wipe Final wt. of Cont 1 Wipe Cont Removed 1 Wipe Average
Stainless Steel NuSteam DCC-17 0.5241 0.0077 98.53 98.92
0.5050 0.0079 98.44
0.7100 0.0015 99.79
Ceramic Bathroom Soil 0.1256 0.0069 94.51 95.77
0.1112 0.0049 95.59
0.1216 0.0034 97.20

Additional Results

Substrate Cleaner Soil Initial wt. of Cont 20 Wipe Final wt. of Cont 20 Wipe Cont Removed 20 Wipe Average
Stainless Steel NuSteam DCC-17 0.5241 0.0083 98.42 98.83
0.5050 0.0064 98.73
0.7100 0.0046 99.35
409 0.6716 0.0308 95.41 97.62
0.6190 0.0032 99.48
0.4861 0.0099 97.96
Ceramic Nusteam Bathroom Soil 0.1256 0.0006 99.52 99.67
0.1112 0.0001 99.91
0.1216 0.0005 99.59
Clorox Bathroom 0.1107 0.0245 77.87 83.40
0.1115 0.0154 86.19
0.1227 0.0170 86.15

Success Rating:

A cleanliness study, addressing only various analytical techniques.


After one wipe, the NuSteam removed the soil from both substrates with averages over 96%. Nusteam performed better than comparative products for 20 wipes, averaging over 99% for both substrates. Clorox Bathroom had the lowest removal for ceramic substrates at 83% removal. 

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