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Trial Number 6

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate industrial cleaners for the removal of oil from previously contaminated carbon steel parts using unheated immersion with agitation via a stir bar.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

One coupon per cleaner that was previously soiled by the company was weighted for dirty weights. The coupons were then put into the cleaner and immersed for 15 minutes with a stir bar that was used at 400 rpm. After the 15 minutes, they were taken out and left to dry overnight. The clean weights were taken the next day. The coupons were then wiped clean till all oil was removed from the surface and were weighed for initial weights. 

Trial Results:

None of the cleaner were effective at removing oil from the surface of the coupon and visually all coupons had oil left on the surface after drying overnight. Citrinox had the highest removal at 76% but oil remained on the surface. The lowest removal was SuperSolv at 25% removal. The rest ranged between 35-57% removal. 

Cleaner Concentration Initial wt. of cont. Final wt. of cont. Average
Mirachem 500  2:1 0.2188 0.1268 42.05
Super Solv  1:1 0.2024 0.1508 25.49
Surface Cleanse 2% 0.2989 0.1272 57.44
Micro 90 2% 0.1781 0.1175 34.03
Alconox 2% 0.2463 0.1302 47.14
Shopmaster LPH 10% 0.2388 0.1408 41.04
Liquinox 2% 0.2571 0.1662 35.36
Citrinox 2% 0.3145 0.0748 76.22

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


None of the cleaners were effective using unheated immersion with a stir bar. Next steps are to continue to use ultrasonics cleaning. 

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