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Client #60


TUR Agency

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Project Number 1


Answered using the Effective Test Conditions Database.

Test Objective:

Information searches on varying substrates and for different contaminants.
Trial Number Date Run Purpose Success Rating
0 02/25/1998 Effective grease cleaning stainless steel trials Technology Transfer.
1 08/13/1998 To replace MEK for removal of nitryl rubber or a butyl based rubber. Technology Transfer.
2 10/16/1998 Information request for ink removal Technology Transfer.
3 03/01/1999 Request for Information Technology Transfer.
4 03/01/1999 Information request for replacing isopropyl alcohol and acetone. Technology Transfer.
5 03/12/1999 Information request for cotton cleaning Technology Transfer.
6 03/24/1999 Information request for vapor degreasing options. Technology Transfer.
7 01/26/2000 Information request Technology Transfer.
8 03/15/2000 Information request Technology Transfer.
9 03/11/2003 Information request for acetone substitutions for hot melt adhesives in wood working Technology Transfer.
10 10/30/2003 To generate a list of alternative for mineral oil removal from stainless steel Technology Transfer.

Project Number 2


Separation was performed using centrifuge at different speeds and times.

Test Objective:

To determine if centrifuging will separate buffing compound from cleaning solution
Trial Number Date Run Purpose Success Rating
0 01/11/2000 To determine a method for separating the buffing compound and the cleaning solution. A follow up test, usually based on company input.