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Trial Number 3

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate selected cleaners on supplied parts.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Five cleaners from the previous testing performed at SCL were diluted to the concentrations listed below using DI water in 250 mL beakers. Each solution was heated to 160 F in a Crest 25 kHz ultrasonic tank filled with water.  One ratchet was cleaned in each solution for 3 minutes.  The parts were rinsed with a tap water spray for 30 seconds at 120 F.  Parts were dried using a white paper towel.  The towel was then evaluated for any signs of the contaminant mix.  The parts were also observed in to determine how well they were cleaned.

SUBSTRATE MATERIAL: Steel Ratchet handles
CONTAMINANTS: Mix: Grease Stick (M.P. Iding Co, Fatty acid soap with Tallow), buffing compound (Jackson Lea Plastibrade F-18, 1332-58-7, 1344-09-8, 1344-28-1, 9000-70-8), Gritite (M.P. Iding Co.)

Trial Results:

Four of five cleaners were successful in removing all of contaminant from the parts.  Only the Matchless product left some contamination on the side groove of the ratchet.  Observations were made and points were assessed for each cleaner. Table 1 lists the point system used by SCL.  The observations made are listed in Table 2.

Scale Points
X 5
E 4.5
GE 4
G 3.5
OG 3
O 2.5
FO 2
F 1.5
PF 1
P 0.5
Gone 5

Table 2 Observations

25 kHz 160 deg F
Cleaner Part 5
1 Gone
2 Gone
3 Gone
4 E
5 Gone
Points available: 5

Success Rating:

A follow up test, usually based on company input.


Using the 25 kHz ultrasonic cleaning tank proved to very effective in removing all of the contaminant from the supplied parts with in the three minutes.  Four of five cleaners were successful in this trial.  The cleaners were: EPI E-Kleen 196 A, Brulin 815 GD, Valtech Corp Valtron SP 2250 LF and Emkay Chemical Safety Clean.  The Matchless MC 132 was almost as effective as the others, but the solutions left a small amount of the contaminant mix.

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