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Trial Number 12

Trial Purpose:

To determine cleaning efficiencies for various soil loadings.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Preweighed coupons were covered with the D-Greeze 500 spent cleaning solution and dried under an IR heat lamp. After the name plate coupons cooled, a second weighing was performed. Eight 300 mL Pyrex beakers were filled with a Soy Gold and D-Greeze mixture. The beakers were heated to 130 F on a hot plate. Two coupons were cleaned in each solution mixture for 2 minutes using stir bar agitation. Coupons were rinsed under a hot water tap for 30 seconds and then air dried. Final weights were recorded and cleaning efficiencies were calculated. The concentrations of the Soy Gold/D-Greeze solutions used were (%):
0.0, 2.5, 5.0, 7.5, 10.0, 20.0, 30.0, 50.0

CONTAMINANTS: Dirty cleaning solution, Solvent Kleen D-Greeze 500 w/ residual paint chips and pumice sludge
CONTAMINATING PROCESS USED: Added known volume to Cleaning Solution. Applied contaminant to using hand held swab.

Trial Results:

All of the cleaning solutions were determined to be effective in removing all of the applied contaminant. Table 1 list the individual cleaning efficiencies for each soil loading mixture.

Table 1. Soil Loading Cleaning Efficiency

Soil Load 0% 2.50% 5% 7.50% 10% 20% 30% 50%
  105.9 84.1 95.8 97.4 100.7 102.0 101.5 101.3
  100.6 94.2 99.0 89.9 100.7 101.1 100.7 101.0
Average 103.3 89.2 97.4 93.9 100.7 101.7 101.3 101.4
Std Dev 3.8 7.1 2.3 5.3 0.0 0.6 0.6 0.2

Success Rating:

A cleanliness study, addressing only various analytical techniques.


The cleaning efficiencies were all 90% or better.  The higher the soil loading, the more effective the cleaning became.  This could be do to the make up of the contaminant and the diluted cleaning solution (both contain D-Greeze 500).  The D-Greeze in the cleaning solution was helping in removing the D-Greeze from the coupons.

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