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Trial Number 2

Trial Purpose:

To determine if aqueous cleaner from previous trial will remove the paint.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Initial weights of 6 customer supplied coupons were recorded. Two cleaning solutions were made from one product. One solution was a 5% solution made with DI water in a 600 mL beaker and heated to 130 F. The other was a 100% solution at room temperature. Three coupons were placed in each cleaning chemistry.
The coupons in the 5% solution were weighed at 15, 30, 45, 60, 120 and 240 minutes. At each interval coupons were rinsed in tap water at room temperature for 20 seconds and air dried. The 100% solution was only weighed after 24 hours.

SUBSTRATE MATERIAL: Aluminum 3003 with paint (not to be removed)

Trial Results:

The 5% solution turned from a clear solution to slightly orange after the first interval, which would indicate paint removal. The 100% solution changed color after 4 hours. It was noted that all the coupons gained weight during their soaking periods. In conjunction with the color change, the weight gains may indicate the paint is absorbing the cleaning solution, causing swelling of the paint. After the coupons were removed form the solutions, the soaked coupons were compared to non-soaked coupons. There was a definite color change between the coupons. Also, the 100%-soaked coupons had a gritty texture to them after the 24 hour soaking. Table 1 list the weight changes for the 5% solution and Figure 1 shows a graphical representation of the weight gain versus time. Table 2 contains the data for the 100% solution which is graphically represented in Figure 2.

Table 1. Weight Gains for 5% at 130 F

  Time  (min)
Coupon # 0 15 30 45 60 120 240
1 11.3724 11.3801 11.3895 11.394 11.3992 11.4168 11.3942
2 11.2766 11.2831 11.2918 11.2953 11.2993 11.31 11.3118
3 11.4864 11.4921 11.5035 11.5082 11.5095 11.5133 11.5057

Table 2.  Weight Gains for 100% at RT

Coupon # 4 5 6
Initial Wt 11.3470 11.3616 11.3393
Final Wt 11.4232 11.4592 11.4120

Success Rating:

Test showed little or no promise.


The Chrisal product was determined to cause removal of the paint form the aluminum surface.  The next test will be conducted using the AG Environmental Soy Gold 1000 product.  Additional testing will be performed to find other possible cleaners.

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