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Client # Project # In Progress Implementation Tech Transfer Analysis Test Objective
25 1 Test capability of various solvents and aqueous samples to remove grease from metal chips.
145 1 Want test results for Soy Gold products.
146 1 To clean a static mixing tube
174 1 Looking for an effective replacement for MCl (methylene chloride) for a cleaning solution for industrial equipment manufacturing adhesives (epoxies) and primers.
182 1 Replacement of Methyl Ethyl Ketone as a cleaner for adhesives
204 1 Generate a list of alternatives to toluene and acetone for manual aluminum cleaning
205 1 Database search
208 1 To remove residue from glass lined tanks and define cleaning process.
209 1 To identify a safer cleaning product for adhesive removal from equipment
216 1 To obtain a list of alternatives for buffing compound removal.
217 1 To identify alternatives for ammonia to clean polymers.
225 1 To evaluate product as a janitorial cleaner
245 1 To conduct corrosion test for new product.
245 2 Evaluation of components of Gold Etch Kit - including pre-cleaning system, etching and precipitation methods.
287 1 To evaluate the performance of new product and to compare to existing products.
288 1 To evaluate possible solvents as possible cleaning replacements for TCE, PCE and MC.
304 1 To replace TCE in epoxy cleaning from various equipment pieces
340 1 To conduct performance data for cleaning products. Specifically looking for a lab to develop performance data in order to get recognition by EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) program
414 1 Looking to have system tested for all purpose, DCC 17, bathroom and glass testing. Should include one cleaner product and the ozone system and 2 substrates each test. We want to include ozone stability work with all the options you have.
446 1 Determine an appropriate cleaning procedure to clean off a thickener from the chemical mixing vat surface.
481 1 Replace TCE in cleaning process
498 1 Interested in testing for our cleaners. We've taken a look over the quotes and information-thank you for sending over. The second example DCC 17 report seems more aligned with what we are looking for.
505 1 Assess the efficacy of their Bioneat product for janitorial and disinfection performance.
505 2 Test the efficacy of BioNeat for industrial cleaning applications
518 1 To test the application and efficacy of Picklex Degreaser and Picklex 20 spray in removing flash rust from a variety of substrates/surfaces as well as providing a nonathickness conversion coating meant to prevent the oxidation process.
518 1 To test the application and efficacy of picklex degreaser and picklex 20 spray in removing flash rust from a variety of substrates/surfaces as well as providing a nano thickness conversion coating to the substrate/surface in order to prevent oxidation process.