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Client # Project # In Progress Implementation Tech Transfer Analysis Test Objective
56 1 To find an alternative for 1,1,1 TCA in cleaning critically cleaned metallic components.
162 1 To identify alternative cleaners for cleaning copper, nickel, gold and beryllium
187 1 Comparison of four cleaning products
192 1 To determine how best to clean our parts.
212 1 Develop a low (<12 gpm) water use cleaning process to replace a 60 gpm high pressure process
213 1 Generate a list of alternative cleaners
214 1 Introduce new cleaning agent
228 1 To find an alternative to MEK for manual wiping applications
252 1 To generate a list of alternative cleaners to Isopropyl alcohol for oil removal from stainless steel parts
507 1 The objective of this project is to fine an effective alternative to Startex Laquer Thinner in removing glossy adhesive from laminate.