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Client # Project # In Progress Implementation Tech Transfer Analysis Test Objective
64 1 Does anyone know of effective non-VOC or low VOC cleaners which can be used in a vapor degreaser to clean cured asphalt off of materials?
90 1 Requesting information on alternatives for cleaning bridges over water. Want to minimize pollutants to water
105 1 Looking for low cost, non-hazardous, non-exposure concern, effective cleaner for the removal of oil, dirt and grease from bearings, gears, housings, etc. A literature search may be sufficient.
128 1 Identifying method/product used to clean resin from machines. Would like to replace acetone.
133 1 To evaluate products for corrosion potential of steel drums.
133 2 To evaluate janitorial cleaners that have passed environmental criteria for state procurement list.
133 3 Evaluate carpet cleaners that have passed environmental criteria.
140 1 Looking for an alternative to MEK for cleaning solvent based inks.
140 2 Looking for a list of alternative products to replace a high VOC product.
152 1 To identify safer alternatives for paint clean up. Want to replace methylene chloride
176 1 Looking for a substitute product, that does not contain a chlorinated product for use as a gasket/ decal/paint remover
189 1 Looking for a substitute to using Shellite which is a solvent made up of paraffins and napthenes, n-hexane, aromatics and benzene. It is highly flammable.