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Client # Project # In Progress Implementation Tech Transfer Analysis Test Objective
25 1 Test capability of various solvents and aqueous samples to remove grease from metal chips.
145 1 Want test results for Soy Gold products.
146 1 To clean a static mixing tube
182 1 Replacement of Methyl Ethyl Ketone as a cleaner for adhesives
190 1 Comparison of client products with other vendor products
202 1 To evaluate client supplied cleaner for janitorial cleaning
204 1 Generate a list of alternatives to toluene and acetone for manual aluminum cleaning
205 1 Database search
225 1 To evaluate product as a janitorial cleaner
232 1 To evaluate supplied product for dishwashing and carpet cleaning
241 1 Interest in characterizing a new bio-polymer which has unique surface protection & wetting properties for general purpose consumer cleaners (soaps, detergents, surface protection). Specific attributes/characteristics of the material are: Very uniform spr
245 1 To conduct corrosion test for new product.
245 2 Evaluation of components of Gold Etch Kit - including pre-cleaning system, etching and precipitation methods.
257 1 To evaluate performance of supplied products for janitorial applications
258 1 To evaluate supplied products for janitorial cleaning applications.
275 1 To evaluate products for performance in janitorial cleaning applications
275 2 Performance testing for Green Seal certification
275 3 To conduct GS 34 evaluation and flash point on supplied product
275 4 To evaluate supplied product for bathroom cleaning as compared to an industry standard product.
287 1 To evaluate the performance of new product and to compare to existing products.
288 1 To evaluate possible solvents as possible cleaning replacements for TCE, PCE and MC.
289 1 Evaluate Z BioScience's product for cleaning performance and microbial mitigation on surfaces using ATP readings.
289 2 Our goal is to screen our product for the best use (or multiple uses). What I want to make sure that we can get out at the end of this project is a clear understanding of what it excels at doing and a preliminary EHS analysis. We would like your input on
300 1 To evaluate products for effectiveness based on Green Seal GS 37 standard
301 1 To evaluate cleaning kit for do-it-yourself formulations
304 1 To replace TCE in epoxy cleaning from various equipment pieces
305 1 To evaluate the performance of cleaning product for GS 37 certification.
306 1 To evaluate supplied products for compliance with Green Seal GS 8 and 37.
309 1 To evaluate the performance of supplied product for floor cleaning.
311 1 To evaluate supplied product for DfE listing.
312 1 To evaluate supplied product for GS 37 certification
314 1 To have products tested for Green Seal GS 34 standard.
318 1 To evaluate supplied product for DfE program.
321 1 To evaluate new aerosol cleaning line against other similar products
323 1 To evaluate supplied cleaning equipment against traditional cleaning products for several areas of cleaning
326 1 Perform an evaluation of the supplied cleaning apparatus for removal of biological materials from desktop like surface.
326 2 To conduct a comparison test using ATP on hard flat floor surfaces like VCT.
326 3 To evaluate the supplied cleaning equipment (microfiber mop and squeegee) against other traditional surface
327 1 To perform cleaning efficiency test for Green Seal or EcoLogo certification
333 1 Perform an evaluation of the supplied products to screen for effective cleaning formulations.
340 1 To conduct performance data for cleaning products. Specifically looking for a lab to develop performance data in order to get recognition by EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) program
348 1 To conduct performance testing for DfE recognition for all purpose, bathroom and glass cleaners
348 2 We are now in the final stages of our DfE product approval. Our products had to be reformulated in order to pass DfE regulations. With these revisions, we need to have product performance testing done again with the new formulas. Is your laboratory still able to perform this for us?
389 1 To conduct performance testing on Kitchen and toliet bowl cleaner.
403 1 Looking for someone who could run ASTM G122-96 tests. I need to have the test ran as part of DfE’s Safer Choice Standard. If you can runt the test please quote me on the cost and required material. Supposedly I can run the in our own lab, but I would rather have it ran at an independent facility because I feel that appears more credible.
409 1 To conduct all purpose testing for EPA Safer Choice Program
410 1 Interested in having several of our all-purpose cleaner products tested (in order to find the best formulation for it). If you do offer the service, what are the testing fee, protocol and lead time for the results?
413 1 To evaluate supplied product for cleaning performance.
414 1 Looking to have system tested for all purpose, DCC 17, bathroom and glass testing. Should include one cleaner product and the ozone system and 2 substrates each test. We want to include ozone stability work with all the options you have.
415 1 To assess supplied products for various janitorial applications.
416 1 To evaulate products for all purpose and industrial cleaning peformance
416 2 To evaluate supplied products for hand washing testing.
416 3 To conduct performance testing for automatic and manual dish washing soaps
416 4 To evaluate the effectiveness of body wash and face wash cleaners on removing GS41 from skin.
417 1 We are currently undergoing a product review for two products we have certified with Eco Logo/UL as bacteria based odor control products and we are in need of more current product performance testing. Teresa Matsell with International Enviro Auditing pointed me in your direction as a lab that may be able to do this testing for us. The standard they would fall under is UL 2796, which points out the testing needed would be ASTM E1593 or E679 and it would have to be performed against two competitive products. Is this something that your lab can do?
423 1 To evaluate grease oil and varnish removal of supplied products
424 1 One of our customers has asked us to evaluate the cleaning ability of a hand/body wash prototype against a commercial sample.
431 1 I have a client interested in ASTM E1593 Assessing the Efficacy of Air Care Products and I see from your website that your lab has capabilities. We have just one product for testing.
432 1 To evaluate supplied product for all purpose household cleaning application
433 1 Looking for a company to do a comparison for a Toliet Bowl Cleaner vs the National Brand. Is this something you do
440 1 We are interested in conducting performance testing for our cleaning product as an All-Purpose Cleaner in line with GS 37. Does the price quoted in the Lab Basic Testing fees include P2OASys? If not, what would be the additional cost? I am not sure what we would compare it to, to be honest; this will be the first official performance test we conduct for our product and we are hoping to use it to pursue Green Seal certification. Cleaning Product 1 Source: Vapor Condensate for All purpose, Glass, S.S. polishing/cleaning Cleaning Product 2 Source: Vapor Condensate (Diluted) for All Purpose Cleaning Product 3 Source: Distilled Broth for All purpose Compare EHS for Product 1 and 3.
442 1 To test the effectiveness of k-cup descaling of supplied product as compared with industry competitor. We are looking into Green Seal certification. Need to have marble block test performed
442 2 To evaluate supplied cleaning product against water and comparative products for long term build up removal.
445 1 To evaluate the effectiveness of formulations in the removal of soils on various surfaces.
447 1 I am interested in getting a quote for product performance testing that we need completed by a third party lab for Green Seal testing and certification. We have several products that require testing. I have included the corresponding ASTM method number and performance criteria and the applicable Green Seal Standard. The Wood Cleaner and Floor Cleaner don’t seem to match up to a specific test method so we can either use the method I proposed on the spreadsheet OR use one that you suggest as a “best fit”. We would like to have the products tested as soon as possible and hope that you can provide the following to us this week; •Price quotation for the required testing (for the products listed on the attached spreadsheet) •Time-line for testing and reporting •Process for submitting product test samples and how much is needed to run the tests.