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Client # Project # In Progress Implementation Tech Transfer Analysis Test Objective
174 1 Looking for an effective replacement for MCl (methylene chloride) for a cleaning solution for industrial equipment manufacturing adhesives (epoxies) and primers.
185 1 To evaluate new cleaning product on four contaminants
208 1 To remove residue from glass lined tanks and define cleaning process.
209 1 To identify a safer cleaning product for adhesive removal from equipment
216 1 To obtain a list of alternatives for buffing compound removal.
217 1 To identify alternatives for ammonia to clean polymers.
221 1 To evaluate selected products for effectiveness in janitorial cleaning applications.
302 1 To evaluate product for Green Seal certification for GS 34.
319 1 To evaluate supplied products for hand washing following Green Seal GS 41.
325 1 Conduct performance evaluation for GS 37 for 2 products plus a conventional product for all purpose cleaning. Perform cleaning evaluation for GS for two products plus a conventional product for bathroom cleaning.
328 1 We need to find a replacement anionic surfactant for Dowfax 2A1 that complies with Greenseal restrictions for GS-37
330 1 To evaluate potential cleaning ability of two solvents
334 1 To evaluate testing prerformance of product line. Also provide assistance in MSDS and label information.
337 1 Performance testing for floor stripper for Ecologo certification
339 1 We are focused on the need for demonstrating its parity and/or superior performance as an all- purpose hard surface cleaner, a degreaser, and an odor neutralizer, where name brands tested also for establishing relative performance benchmarks.
344 1 To evaluate two samples, one is an all-purpose green cleaner and the other is a green degreaser that turns the grease into soap. The second one will be used to treat grease traps and plumbing in restaurants.
345 1 We’re considering submitting the following Green Works Concentrates products for testing. What would be the cost to submit them?
346 1 To provide technical assistance for product development and performance testing.
349 1 To evaluate supplied product for DfE performance testing
350 1 To evaluate the peformance of cleaning product for EPA DfE recognition
351 1 To evaluate supplied products for either Green Seal or EPA-DFE certification for performance.
352 1 At the point in formulation stage where I feel confident the products are performing well at their stated task, but a third party testing service would helpful in quantifying the actual cleaning performance.
401 1 interested in having you rate our product's effectiveness and how well it performs relative to other products you already recommend.
402 1 To conduct performance testing for product line for Green Seal certification
426 1 To replace the use of TCE on aluminum substrates.
426 2 To replace the use of TCE in vapor degreasing to remove copper tube lubricants from copper brazed parts.
446 1 Determine an appropriate cleaning procedure to clean off a thickener from the chemical mixing vat surface.
448 1 We are looking to evaluate our products for oil and grease removal using the ASTM G122 method. The GS 34 most closely matches what G122 was designed to test for. It prescribes two soil types that match up with the machine/motor oil.
449 1 I am looking to get my housed hold all purpose cleaning product performance tested. It is for a green Seal approval that is required by one of our vendors. The standard it needs to be tested to is the ASTM D4488, removal of 80% of soil from surface. Is this something your company can do? If so How much does the testing cost and how long will it take? Please let me know.
450 1 Please note that I received your contact information from Erica Harriman at ToxServices. I am currently working in a start-up, namely Cleanyst, that is planning to launch in a few months. In summary, we have developed a revolutionary system that harnesses innovations in plant-based chemistry and sustainable packaging. The system features an easy-to-use appliance, beautiful reusable bottles and concentrated, plant-based ingredients that are shipped directly to your door in minimal packaging. We would like to get Safer Choice approvals for the following products: All Purpose Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Tub + Tile Cleaner, Dish Soap, Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener, Hand Soap
451 1 To compile third party testing of our product for basic cleaning operations and disinfection testing.
459 1 We’d like to make the claims that it “cleans, polishes and protects” surfaces. HSN have specified the following: “Please provide Product Efficacy Analytical Testing from a qualified testing laboratory based on ASTM recognized test methods such as: ASTM G122 Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Cleaning Agents”. GS 37 – All Purpose GS 37 – Glass Cleaning GS 37 – Bathroom General DCC12 – Screening the Efficacy of Oven Cleaners ASTM D5343 – Evaluating cleaning performance of ceramic tile cleaners Stainless steel cleaning/polishing
463 1 To evaluate the effectiveness of an all purpose cleaner and a dish soap to comparative products.