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SC 431

Vendor Provided Information

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Vendor Name: Calgon Corporation

Product Classification: Organic

Recommended Contaminants: Cutting/Tapping Fluids, Lubricating/Lapping Oils, Oil

Recommended Equipment: Manual Wipe

Recommended Substrates: Alloys, Aluminum, Brass, Carbon Steel, Ceramics, Copper, Galvinized Steel, Glass/Quartz, Gold, Nickel, Plastic, Rubber, Stainless Steel, Steel, Sterling/Silver, Tin

Laboratory Evaluation of SC 431 |

Field Definitions

Client # Project # Trial # Contaminant Substrate Equipment Effective
153 1 118 Oil Aluminum Immersion/Soak
153 1 119 Buffing/Polishing Compounds Brass Immersion/Soak
153 1 120 Greases Stainless Steel Immersion/Soak
153 1 121 Lubricating/Lapping Oils Stainless Steel Immersion/Soak
153 1 122 Inks Aluminum Immersion/Soak
153 1 123 Latex binder Stainless Steel Immersion/Soak
153 1 124 Resins/Rosins Aluminum Immersion/Soak
153 1 125 Cutting/Tapping Fluids Aluminum Immersion/Soak