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Toxics Use Reduction Institute's Pollution Prevention Option Analysis System

P2OASys (p2oasys.turi.org)

This program is designed to be a systematic tool that helps companies determine whether the TUR options being considered may have unforeseen negative environmental, worker or public health impacts. Specific process information is utilized to establish a baseline level of hazards associated with the current system. Potential replacements chemical(s) information is then inputted and compared to the original products. P2OASys provides a numerical hazard value for the company's current process and identified options.

This tool provides a lot of information on safety for both workers and the environment. It has limited use for proposing alternatives as the user provides the alternatives compared in this tool. One of the benefits of this tool is the ability to use both quantitative and qualitative data on the chemical toxicity, ecological effects, physical properties of both current and proposed chemistries.

Kooperationstelle Hamburg Cleantool

CLEANTOOL (http://www2.cleantool.org/lang/en/start_e.htm)

This tool is an Europe wide database for metal cleaning. These processes plus the involved agents and equipments have been developed in small and large European enterprises and are being applied regularly. They represent reliable daily practice. Objective information is provided to allow enterprises to choose the optimum cleaning process for their business. The databank/software was released at the end of 2004. The CleanTool database allows users to make the best choice of cleaning application by providing comprehensive information on key areas.

The site provides objective information in text, image, and video format on metal cleaning processes for a wide range of industries. CleanTool is an interactive tool, allowing users to submit data, receive guidance and ranked recommendations. Over 250 different processes from five European countries are featured, with each item evaluated prior to publication by expert Advisory Groups.

The tool provides a summary of processes covering Costs, Technology, Quality, Occupational Safety & Health, and Environment. The results can be sorted by each category. Each process is ranked as very good, good, satisfactory, sufficient, bad and no statement for the five areas. Each is color coded for easy visual assessment. The tool does include process information and gives alternative name and manufacturer contact.

CleanGredients for I&I Cleaning Products

CleanGredients (https://cleangredients.org/)

CleanGredients is being developed as an online database of institutional and industrial (I&I) cleaning ingredients, a one-stop-shop for green formulation. The database aligns broad environmental and human health goals with the cleaning product industry's business objectives and will support formulators in formulating products with human and environmental health benefits, whether to meet corporate internal objectives, more stringent regulations, voluntary product recognition programs or national and international eco-labels.


ToxServices (http://www.toxservices.com)

ToxServices has partnered with the US Environmental Protection Agency's Design for the Environment (DfE) as a third-party profiler to evaluate a wide range of cleaning and household products for DfE-recognition. They also have partnered with Green Blue to evaluate chemical ingredients for listing on CleanGredients.

Center for Environmental Leadership Practices

GREENBIZ LEADERS (https://www.greenbiz.com)

The Center for Environmental Leadership Practices database features hundreds of examples of how companies of all sizes and sectors align environmental responsibility with business success. The information was judged by independent agencies and organizations prior to being included in the database.

Finding specific results for cleaning issues is best done using the Text search option. At the Center for Environmental Leadership Practices database, only a limited amount of information available. Using the GreenBiz Tool Box, searching via text provides over 300 cleaning related sites and products. A short summary was provided with additional contact information or web site links.

Program for Assisting the Replacement of Industrial Solvents

PARIS III (https://www.epa.gov/chemical-research/program-assisting-replacement-industrial-solvents-paris-iii)

The software tool from the Technical Database Services, Inc. is setup to allow the user to design less hazardous solvents without compromising solvent performance. It brings together a set of unique algorithms developed under the leadership of Dr. Heriberto Cabezas of the National Risk Management Research Laboratory, USEPA, Cincinnati Ohio. The advanced technology and extensive knowledge base of PARIS II makes it easy to identify "green" replacements for solvents currently in use in far less time than previously possible. The system includes chemical data and estimation methods, thus the user needs to know only the composition of the solvent to be replaced in order to run the program. It aids the user to identify possible replacement materials for current solvents. PARIS II is unique for its ability to design mixtures when no single compound can meet user specifications. A lot of physical characteristics of solvents are needed in order to obtain useful alternative information.

Cleaning Industry Research Institute

CIRI (https://www.ciriscience.org/)

CIRI, a 501.C.3 not for profit scientific educational and research institute, was created to raise awareness of the importance of cleaning through scientific research. Their goal is to identify, catalog & expand on existing research to help members be more effective, improve people's understanding of the importance of cleaning and influence the development of policy.

International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA)

IEHA (https://www.ieha.org/)

The IEHA is a 3,500-plus professional member organization for persons employed in facility housekeeping at the management level. The organization was founded in 1930 in New York City, and is now located in Westerville, Ohio, a suburb of the State’s capitol, Columbus. Executive Housekeepers are managers who direct housekeeping programs in commercial, industrial or institutional facilities. They supervise staffs ranging from a few to several hundred people and handle budgets from a few thousand dollars to millions. IEHA provides members with an array of channels through which they can achieve personal and professional growth. Some are: leadership opportunities; resource materials; education program designation; employment referral service; a Technical question Hotline (1-800-200-6342); networking; an annual convention and trade show including several education sessions; and a monthly trade publication, Executive Housekeeping Today.

The Healthy House Institute, LLC.

HHI (https://www.healthyhouseinstitute.com/)

The Healthy House Institute® (HHI) provides consumers information to make their homes healthier. HHI strives to be the most comprehensive educational resource available for creating healthier homes. To this end, HHI treats the home like an ecosystem with many interrelated parts, covering topics in-depth such as air and water quality, building, remodeling and furnishing, cleaning and housekeeping, health and safety, ventilation, lighting, energy efficiency and more. The source for a better, safer indoor environment.

Housekeeping Channel

HC (https://www.housekeepingchannel.com/)

HousekeepingChannel (HC) is a comprehensive resource for "Better, Faster, Healthier" cleaning and housekeeping.HC exists to help you clean, protect and enhance your home environment using proven processes and practices from cleaning experts, professional executive housekeepers and cleaning services, environmental service professionals, doctors and scientists, and organizational and time-management consultants.

Consumer Notice 

A consumer's guide to reducing pollution (https://www.consumernotice.org/environmental/pollution-reduction/)

There are consumer choices you can make that will reduce your environmental footprint.