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Trial Number 0

Trial Purpose:

To identify potential cleaning formulations for cleaning brass parts

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Nine cleaning formulations were selected based on past trials and vendor information according to the client supplied data. Three solutions were used at 100% and the remaining six were diluted to 10% using DI water in 250 ml beakers. Solutions were heated to 130 F in a Branson 3150 40 kHz ultrasonic tank filled with water.
One part was submersed into the heated solution and cleaned for 10 minutes. Parts were observed after the first 5 minutes and at the end of cleaning. Upon completion of cleaning, parts were rinsed with tap water at 120 F and dried using a heat gun at 500 F. Observations were recorded and products were evaluated for effectiveness.

Trial Results:

Most of the products tested showed some signs of removing the paint from the brass parts.  A couple of the  products brightened the exposed metal.  The following table lists the observations made at the 5 and 10 minute cleaning intervals, followed by a table of the ranking for each product (1 =  best).

Cleaner 5 min 10 min Ranking
Soy Gold 2000 dirt removed-paint stil there paint softened 9
Compliance dirt removed-paint softened paint coming off, brightening of metal 6
Shopmaster RC paint dissolving dissolving and peeling 2
Bio T Max paint dissolving-peeling exposed brass brighter 4
SC Supersolve paint lifting-peeling more peeling, some brightening of metal 3
Inproclean 3800 lifting-dissolving some brightening, more peeling 7
Inproclean 4000 T dissolving-peeling good brightening, most of paint peeled off 1
Beyond 2003 some dissolving/lifting peeling 8
Polyspray Jet 790 XS lifting-dissolving-brightening peeling, good brightening 5
Inproclean 4000 T      
Shopmaster RC      
SC Supersolve      
Bio T Max      
Polyspray Jet 790 XS      

After cleaning was completed, it was noted that the parts selected for cleaning were not identical in the amount of paint and size of the part. Additional test will be performed for the top six product with more closely matched parts.

View pictures of dirty and clean samples.

Success Rating:

Results successful using TACT (time, agitation, concentration, and temperature, as well as rinsing and drying) and/or other cleaning chemistries examined.


The top six products, Inproclean 4000 T, Shopmaster RC, SC Supersolve, Bio T Max, Polyspray Jet 790 XS and Compliance will be reevaluated under the similar conditions using more equal parts.

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