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Contact angle measurements of both parts resulted in nearly identical readings. The BCS cleaned part had an average angle of 67 and the Evercycle cleaned part had an average angle of 68. No difference in cleanliness can be found using this methodology. OSEE measurements resulted in higher values for the BCS cleaned part than for the Evercycle part. The dirty part had a lower reading than both cleaned parts. From this comparison, the results would suggest that the BCS cleaned part was cleaner than the Evercycle part. The BCS part had an average OSEE reading of 733, the Evercycle part reading was 416 and the dirty part had a reading of 276.

Test Objective:

Comparison of two ultrasonic cleaners. Two parts to be supplied for analysis, one from each cleaner.

Product Use:

Housing for a precision pump used in clinical chemistry applications
Trial Number Date Run Purpose Success Rating
0 10/24/2002 To evaluate two parts using OSEE and contact angle goniometry. A cleanliness study, addressing only various analytical techniques.