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Client # Project # In Progress Implementation Tech Transfer Analysis Test Objective
121 1 To replace Freon based cleaner for cleaning brass and nickel plated parts contaminated with fingerprints and fibers.
150 1 Positive tests for MEK replacement and aluminum cleaning
154 1 Recommend alternative degreasing chemistries and equipment to reduce the use or replace TCE vapor degreaser.
158 1 Improve cleaning of weld edge backer and wire prior to EB weld
159 1 Would like to utilize SCL's database to find what cleaning agent to use to clean Moly-Dee Tapping Fluid from stainless steel.
169 1 Database search to determine most effective cleaning solution
171 1 To find suitable aqueous cleaners for this application
175 1 Want a list of any known cleaner (solvent) for RTV silicone
177 1 To find a solvent to replace acetone to remove mesh from metal ring
184 1 To find a more effective cleaner/degreasing chemistry
193 1 Comparison of two ultrasonic cleaners. Two parts to be supplied for analysis, one from each cleaner.
197 1 To generate a list of products that can be used for glass cleaning
198 1 Find a safe means of cleaning oxidation residues off of aluminum parts
201 1 To identify alternatives to electrolytic cleaning with Calgon RT 806
203 1 To determine how to remove zinc phosphate from parts
224 1 To clean an aluminum frame used as a mask in shadow mask (vacuum).
235 1 Trying to find an aqueous cleaning fluid to clean cutting oil of off both steel and aluminum parts.
247 1 Explore alternative methods of removing/cleaning-off mold release agent present on cast composite parts.
247 2 To determine a method for replacing an abrasive disc finish on an aluminum part.
274 1 To identify possible cleaning process to salvage dirty parts.
280 1 To determine the best method of cleaning inside diameter of metal narrow tubes.
313 1 To identify an alternative to TCE for cleaing aluminum and stainless steel oil filters.
324 1 To find replacement solvents for nPB
464 1 Identify alternative to TCE to remove water-based rosin from lead and equipment surfaces.
511 1 To identify safer alternatives for cleaning stainless steel (304,316, AM350), copper, and Inconel (625,718) parts to replace nPB vacuum vapor and immersion degreasing.